Is the UK the 'junior partner' of America?

how do you see this nation of ours?
No, one and only in some people's minds.
The UK has attached the EU and its individual identity is vanishing slowly but, surely. That's why there is a BNP.

The EU have become the world's most elaborate outdoor museum.

Not to worry though. It appears that the US really is stupid satisfactory to do the exact same thing.
Open borders, NAFTA, military bases doing the drizzly work for the EU. dumping billions into the IMF, political correctness, sucking up to radical clerics, it's just a thing of time. Remember, there may not be more brits than amerikans but, there indeed are more EU'ers.
we are a sovereign and independent nation with allies and not a junior partner surrounded by anything.
yeah we always have be havent we still think Camerons a prick i wuda preferred to still live in denial and if Cameron think he can now get a beter promise the US now he has admit he is the weaker partner he has got another entity coming
Depends. I take it your question have a little to do with Cameron's paucity of Homework on History today so here's a breakdown hope it don't bore you lol.

Great Britain was still a super power in 1940 near a vast world empire and massive exports all over the world, although waning in power since the First World War she was junior to nobody, the US on the foot was a minor power on the world stage with virtually no influence anywhere
Although ascending surrounded by power in 1940 she was severely much junior to Britain in everything except industrial output.
In 1940 she Was’t even in the period of war and was no match even for the Japanese even surrounded by military terms .

However after 1941 and pearl Harbor she conscripted over 240,000 into her armed forces Britons stood at 3 million at this time, by 1943 she had nearly 11,000,000 underneath arms
So in terms of numbers and indeed industrial production yes.
But history isn't that simple ,
Britain's technology be way ahead of the US in 1940 near Radar, the code breakers Bom and later colossus Computer which the Americans relied upon not only surrounded by the German but later the Pacific, the Cavity Magnetron ( went on to invent the Microwave oven) be crucial in detecting U Boats at sea as be another British /Canadian Invention" Sonar".
In addition to this Britain also handed over the Top Secret Imperial College London Draught for the Basic outline for a Nuclear Device on Churchill's advice in 1940 in overnight case we were invaded to keep the Research out of German Hands , this be use by the US along with British scientists ordered to go next to them to build the Atom Bomb.
Also Britain was in totting up to the lease lend agreement ( which was paid put a bet on in full) shipping aid and war materials to Russia Via Ark Angel though the North Sea
Would we enjoy won without the Americans in the time of war possibly not?
Would we have won without American Money Raw materials and Equipment , Definitely NOT.

Junior Partner during the time of war NO Equal , Yes. ! End of the war and by 1944= Very much so im afraid and Britain by this time was virtually Bankrupt, which front to loss of empire loss of Sterling as the top world currency
From then on it and to the present day It have been a very American world

So YES enormously much so today! but I don't see why cameron has to brown nose Obama over it. close to a lap dog to his master , the British should just retire close to an old dignified General and let America capture on with it
It this time in History it is fundamentally much Her World, besides The British are always there for a bit of sage council after all we she did run the world for 300 Years
The way Cameron's going we will be lucky to be junior office those, forget partners.
UK is the adult,
USA is the teenager who know everything...
Its been that way pretty much since 1943.
A backwards nanny-state of an island that's slowly sinking into the ocean. The UK is so far left that even their "conservatives' would be considered liberal by American standards. It's one of the later places that I would want to live.

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