I am a South African married to a French citizen, but enjoy since separated and in a minute hold a Spanish?

girlfriend. I am wanting
to move permanently to Spain, is this allow & if so how do I go just about doing it?
It depends.

If you are a negro, then you would have to soar through more hoops.

If you are white you need to marry her and then it is allowed.
Spain tourist visa is required
for citizens of South Africa.

You can get a tourist visa from the spanish consulate ...but you will need a spanish immigration advocate if you intend to stay
Your EEA family member charter is valid only while
- you are married and living with your wife.
- travelling next to your wife
- travelling to/from your wife

Seperate, and your permit is no longer valid.
and you are no longer legally surrounded by france or anywhere in the EU.
Move to a new EU country, unusual EU permit

You can apply for a schengen VISITORS visa (90 days in 180 days allowed)
To be a unalterable resident, you would need to be married to your spainish lady, and again apply for an EEA kith and kin member residents permit of the modern EU citizen

Where are you now..
because it sounds like you are within france... and therefore not legally within.
How long be you two married ?
Just because you entered France does NOT allow you to enter Spain and reside.

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