Should adjectives folks be allowed to cover their obverse within public, if they choose to do so?

Watching question time.

That would be equality.
No. That is what hill robbers do.
The problem with comparing a motorcycle helmet with a Burka is that you wear them for fundamentally different reasons. Unfortunately we have to allow general public te right to cover their faces for certain reason like beliefs, even though personally I suspect these clothes are worn more to stow the bruises inflicted on them by skum bag partners than any physical religious requirement. However those wearing them do have a choice in the streets, and if they still choose to they should be accepting of the certainty other people want nothing to do beside them, a shopkeeper should have the same right to deny them entry or service they would have to refuse you service should you backfire to take off your helmet. And indeed the licence holder within a store selling alcohol could refuse them entry, without giving a drive, as no reason is required by law for a licence holder to waste somebody entry to their store.
I have no definitive answer to this question, but any such ruling would have to be applied equally, whether balaclava, burka or crash helmet.

While 9/11 is often mentioned as acquittal for such a restriction, no one has on the other hand explained to me how such a measure might have prevented this or any such atrocity since.
Do you meditate it is illegal to go shopping next to your helmet on? I am not sure whether it is or not. Going into a bank is a bit trivckier. They may ask you to remove the helmet.

I understand religious emotional state and also I understand modesty. I'd be offended anyone asked to wear a thong or bikini as I do not consider them modest. So can understand some of that; however, I think nearby are places that faces should nto be covered. and voluminous garments might be a problem in some stores as it is assured to smuggle out items under lose clothing.

Should be equality. I think near are some places where face coverings should not be permitted. And the body scan at airports are fine. don't like it, don't fly. We all own to suffer these indignities because of a few but then we all should own to suffer together.
A good proportion of the population already do.

It is call make up and is used by most of the female population and a small bit of the male population.


I used to ride a 1940s Harley and hated wearing a helmet and own never worn one while shopping, contemplating robbing a bank or collecting my mother's pension from the post bureau!
ive get nothing against people who stroll around with bags over their head...if that is what they really want to do...i dont know why they would but whatever, it'll be funny to survey

if u really wanna walk around in walmart or something wearing ur motorcycle helmet, afterwards all the power to u. but i have to put on alert u that people are gonna be giving u weird looks
Lads wearing hoodies are frequently stopped from entering shopping centres and the like. Not adjectives hoody wearing kids are thieves and trouble makers. Why stop them?
Where I live you can't go into a pub with a baseball trilby on, yet some people are allowed a full frontage mask? One rule for us and another rule for them! Equality, don't make me hoot.
That would be equality but there's a reason, and you know it, why covering your face is irrelevant (I doubt it's actually illegal) in shops and bank.

If you want to get around your biking predicament, though, there is a course. The law exempts people who wear a turban from the requirement to don a helmet on a motorbike.
I would llke to know if the Lone Ranger would win away with wearing his eye mask within a UK street let alone a shopping Mall or a bank?

where on earth i live you can not enter an arcade on the sea front with a hood on , your asked to remove it or leave ,
The simple answer is No i too Ride a Motorcycle and i own to remove my Helmet when ever i go into a shop or Bank.
But if people preference to cover their face in public later let them do so, and refuse them service contained by shops banks and petrol stations ..... see what happens after !
no we are not like those mooslim peoples who aren't free.

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