Why did Afghan army member up next to American and British army?

So i heard American & British army are parting up next to Afghan army to fight terrorism. They believe Taliban is the cause of terrorism. Is Taliban also certain as Al Qaeda?

Is there still a war going on Iraq, if so why? Is it because of Oil?
Because Afghanistan don't want terrorists individual sccociated with their country
They are teaming up to try to eliminate terrorists from the country. The defence Afghans are doing it with us, is so they can learn our passageway of doing it (not that it's been successful so far) and hopefully keep it below control once we leave them to it (which we will one day, as it is their country to rule, not ours)

No, Taliban & Al Queda are two different terrorist groups, but are lately as evil as each other (and Muslims reading this that disagree with me and support these terrorist groups can kiss my ***, or more insulting to you can lick the soles of my shoes)

Taliban be the aggressive and corrupt group that rules Afghanistan before we booted tham out in 2001. Now Afghanistan have a proper Government and the Taliban have been not here to live in caves and stash amongst supporters in villages etc, which is why they are immediately a terrorist group, instead of the ruling party.

With any luck, ALL terorists will be killed sooner or later. They are all evil, psychopathic scum.

Edit: Wayne's answer have one very big error: He cliams that the Taliban are not the cuase of terrorism. In that case, how come 99.99% of adjectives roadside bombs killing British & American soldiers in Afghanistan are planted by the Taliban & not Al Queda? Because The Taliban are much more stirring in terrorism than Al Queda are. In my opinion, Taliban are more of a threat than Al Queda.
The Afghan National army and the Northern Alliance are allies of the Americans and British. They are helping the row against the Taliban.

They do not believe the cause of terrorism is the Taliban, it's Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda and the Taliban are two different entities, but they do help respectively other out.

There is no real war surrounded by Iraq or Afghanistan. The war is pretty much over and it's now in recent times reconstruction. But not everyone wants to realize that, and thus try to hold on to fighting.

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