Arguments against recreational marijuana?

I'm 17 from uk, my mates say I should be blatantly pro-marijuana, because I smoke cigarettes
But I speak about them I don't smoke marijuana, I smoke cigarettes
And then they shut up
I know the argument for marijuana
But why am I still against it?
Here surrounded by America, it's illegal in most states except for the aliens-polluted state of California; which is the "outcast" of the country.

Drugs enjoy no place in the American society and that's why it remains as one of the most serious offences within most states.

Never support it! It's a crime! greetings from West Virginia, U.S.
Marijuana is illegal because it is a safe replacement for heaps prescription drugs and the pharmaceutical cartels would like endless amounts of money if it were ever fully legalized. This is the real pretext it is illegal. Activist Jack Herror also wrote a book called "The Emperor Wears no clothes" where on earth he discusses the threats to petrochemical and paper industries to hemp as well.

It's true that Marijuana when used within excess can make you lazy. Obviously you shouldn't be lofty 24/7. The same is true of alcohol.. you don't want to be drunk all the time either.

What are the consequences of smoking pot? Well, if you're really irresponsible in the order of it, you might show up for work high and then be unproductive. There are consequences for this, but those consequences are not anyone else's problem. The reality that someone might cause problems for themselves is not a reason to get Marijuana a crime. Source(s): The only real gloomy I can think of is smoking it causes more lung desecrate than cigarettes but there are other ways to take it that don't involve smoking.

The key reasons I don't take it are that it have a nasty effect on me, I can't handle it and tend to intervene out with even a small amount. I have also have jobs in olden times that did drug tests as part of the employment, I would not have had those job if I did do drugs (the good thing is if a company is paying for a drug exam then you know you basically enjoy the job before they explain to you).
You won't get any from me. I suggest it should be legalized. Control and taxation are the real issues. See those tax stickers on cigarettes and alcohol?
well, marijuana is healthier than cigarettes, but if you no the truth nearly how its actually not bad for you and impossible to overdose on.

i ruminate you are against is because you are so use to hearing its bad for you, and your substance of choice is tobacco and not marijuana.
If you know the arguments for dope, you must surely know the facts roughly speaking tobacco. Why are you for it?
There is absolutely no reason to save it illegal. It is a medical wonder with the potential for fuel,textile,paper,cooking oil. A great plant near limitless possibilities not to mention the possible taxation of the product could benefit Americans imensly.
I am against Marijuana, Becasue it kills brain cells and it messes up your thought. People want it becasue it give them a high. But i think empire need to man up and deal near there isues. also i believe that you have be grown up as a drugs are bad
There is no logical argument to prohibit adults from smoking pot recreationally.
Maybe you just don't like it... There's nil wrong with not liking something unless you're going to travel on a hate rant or something.

Some people don't close to how smoking pot feels/tastes/smells etc, don't like how they react, how it make other people act, the route many people will devise of you if you smoke it etc. People can be against drinking for similar reasons, its just an judgment.
Everyone has their own reason. If you don't have any reasons for one pro or against, maybe you should put some thought into it before decide.

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