Why don't the American associates grasp that the 'Lockerbie bomber' didn't do it?

The dying man agreed to play the part for the honour of Libya and to bring the country back into a trading nation on the insight that when the oil deal next to BP was done, he would be sprung to die among his family when the time come. Come on Guys, this is international politics. You know about the need for grease. Think Iraq. Think Alaska, Think the Gulf of Mexico. Think Afghanistan- What's a couple of hundred American lives against the big picture?
You may be correct, and probable are.
Words fail-me your despicable, "What's a couple of hundred American lives against the big picture?", you wouldn't be saying that if one of em was your subsequent of kin and you miss to this day, and what about the Scottish culture who died on the ground, don't they count for anything, not even a mention.

And what if the bomb had gone off untimely over a major British city thousands could have be murdered, thousands.
You are either not real or a total lunatic . So you hold the inside information do you so where were you when the trial be taking place with adjectives this information on his innocence . and if you think the death of a few hundred culture is okay then you really are a moron of the highest writ .
Whether he did it or not, I'm sick of Americans accusing the "British" Government of letting this man go free. It be the SCOTTISH Parliament who released him, not Westminster. If you have a problem, take it up beside the Scots.
What part of your full of sh!t don't you understand? If your truism the whole country did it why was libya not arrested and locked up?
The big picture is that American have all these countries and people who want to blow the US to hell! People resembling you!! People who haven't a clue and are told by some one who has a grudge with America that it would be better past its sell-by date sent to hell!! So they recruit them, teach them to blow themselves up, and transport them on their merry way!! What gets me is, the brainless fools stir!!
A few hundred lives? Think more in the thousands!
Of course he didn't do it.

I wanted Dave Smooth-Spin ( Cameron ) to explain to the US how they got a Libyan sacraficial lamb convicted on dubious evidence contained by return for the lifting of US sanctions on Libya. I'm sure clever old Dave Smooth-Spin would enjoy been able to use his bull-skill to put some sort of slippery spin on it to kind it palatable to to US on live tv. As for the oil leak, couldn't he hold pointed out to the US the economic advantages of the largest oil spill contained by history. An opportunity missed methinks. 2/10

Do some detailed research into this young man. Even some of Pan-am 103's victims families presume that this man should never have been convicted. It be never a safe conviction. Evidence and witness tampering etc. It's a pious example of how the world really works. Why do you think the Libyans insisted that Al Megrahedi ( ?) wasn't sent to the US for trial. They knew they wouldn't gain him back. Gadaffi has probably ensure that Megrahedi's family is set for generations to come for the price of 20 years of his enthusiasm. Don't listen to the huffing and bluster of your senators. Most of them are up the butts of the US oil companies and this has be brought up again to beat up BP so that the US companies can have BP's business. That's adjectives this recent interest in this case is nearly. Nothing else.

If the US is so concerned about this case, afterwards why don't they hunt down this terminally ill cancer victim and put him down? All this proves is that Libyan healthcare is better than the healthcare he received contained by a Scottish prison.

Foreign involvement and aid to the mujahideen
See also: Operation Cyclone, Badaber Uprising, and Charlie Wilson's War

The Afghans were supported by a number of other countries, near the US and Saudi Arabia offering the greatest financial support. However, the Afghans were also aided by others: the United Kingdom, Egypt, China, Iran, and Pakistan. Ground support, for political reasons, be limited to regional countries.
The United States began training insurgents surrounded by, and directing propaganda broadcasts into Afghanistan from Pakistan in 1978.[55] Then, in untimely 1979, U.S. foreign service officers began congregation insurgent leaders to determine their needs.[56] According to the then US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, CIA financial aid to the insurgents inside Afghanistan was approved in July 1979, six months formerly the Soviet Invasion, though after the Soviets were already covertly engaged at hand. Arms were sent after the formal invasion.

Mujahideen in Afghanistan
Bin Laden beside Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir in 1997
After disappearing college in 1979 bin Laden joined Abdullah Azzam to conflict the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan[44] and lived for a time in Peshawar.[45]
By 1984, with Azzam, bin Laden established Maktab al-Khadamat, which funneled money, arms and Muslim fighters from around the Arabic world into the Afghan period of war. Through al-Khadamat, bin Laden's inherited family fortune[46] compensated for air tickets and accommodation, deal with paperwork with Pakistani authorities and provided other such services for the jihad fighters. Osama established a military camp in Afghanistan, and with other volunteers fought the Soviets.
Following the debt of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, bin Laden moved to Peshawar in 1994.[citation needed] It was during his time within Peshawar that he began wearing camouflage-print jackets and carrying a capture Soviet assault rifle, which urban legends claimed he had obtained by bloodshed a Russian soldier with his bare hand.[47]

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