Will I procure a criminal diary?

I was caught shoplifting surrounded by Boots. Some people tell me that I will find a criminal record and I am worried that this could affect my future. I am waiting to receive a fine and the broadsheet they gave me (Civil Recovery Scheme) says that it MAY be passed on to the police.
Shall I write to the store, apologize and ask not to go beyond on my details?
Write no letter that is to say considered an admission of guilt. It sounds like no Police be involved and you hav eno pending court date. If that is travel case then there is no copy outside of store or any retail theft database they might subscribe to Source(s): http://www.retailtheftanswers.org/ Maybe a criminal record would school you a listen
if someone is caught shop lifting there are two routes forwards for the shop. Firstly to call the police and report the aggravated burglary, in the hope of a criminal prosecution (courts, fines etc) and the second is to go down the route of Civil Recovery, whereby the store claims 'compensation' for the loss, from the shoplifter.

The Civil Recovery classification appears to be that the 'suspect' is written to, and advised that there is a request for compensation to be remunerated, advised of possible legal charges and that their details may be kept on a database. Followed by further stronger worded packages depending on the response of the first letter.

To answer your question no. Source(s): http://happy-me.blog.co.uk/2009/12/09/civil-recovery-good-or-bad-7540506/ It doesn't nouns to me like the police will be involved as they were not involved at point one, which channel there was no crime report at the time of the incident. The civil rescue scheme means again make this a civil matter and not a criminal one in the course it's being handled. I don't regard you have cause to verbs as long as you pay what you owe Boots.
I think for now it will remain between you and Boots, if you go amiss to comply with their instructions then they may intervene it to the police. You will almost certainly be banned from Boots.
A epistle could do no harm, prisoners are released from prison once they show remorse <and served their time XD>.

But for now I'm pretty sure your external circumstances is in the balance. I'd of late write the letter and applogise, don't ask to be absolved merely say that you'll comply fully.

Hope you've learnt something Source(s): Computer science and communications specialist
Marine If the Police be not called in, next your pretty safe as long as you pay the fine. A communiqu¨¦ of apology would be a good idea.

If you run out up going to court, then yes, it was passed on to the Police and you will conclude up with a criminal history. It'll be juvenile if your less than 18, but it'll effect your adjectives all the same.

Shoplifting is an extremely adjectives crime, most people have done it, although they may not enjoy been caught. If you do end up getting a criminal history from this, when you apply for a post and the application asks if you've ever been arrested or convicted of a misdemeanor, you'll have to write "yes", but you may want to put a details next to it you shoplifted when you were ____ years behind the times.
just pay spinal column what you owe them and apologize and you should be fine

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