Cameron: America are 'our oldest and staunchest ally'?

If we've only been competent to secure allies since 1815, 1820, or the more recent date of 1940, 1941, we must be an awful country. Haven't we been allied near the Netherlands far longer; even our love-hate relationship with France has be one of allies since the Entente Cordiale in 1904, a date older than Cameron's 1940. Don't forget during the 1930s and through to the 1940s America have strong influences of an anti-British idea; it has be speculated as the cause for America's delayed entry to WWII. I don't imagine the anti-British tones disappeared post-1940. Are we so awful to one and only be able to attract allies since 1820 or the more likely instance Cameron refers to of 1940?
History is not Cameron's strong point but in brown nosing he clearly got a First. Portugal is recognised as England's oldest ally and France as Scotland's.
wessex, that wasnt speculation that be fact, there be a very strong anti-British feeling during WW2, not much have changed it seems. 1940, that was when we be junior partners in a time of war we stood alone in according to cameron. I would also say Portugal have been a long time ally of Britain, Poland WAS, until we let them down. We adjectives know he is just kissing ar$$$e, sickening man he is. Maybe we should quickly lock the door whilst he is the US, dont permit the fool back in.
Well, we have tons old allies, but allegiances seem to split and shift from decade to decade and century to century, depending on who we be at war with and for what reason. The Prussians were even our allies at Waterloo, so they were allied to us up to that time America. Going back to the Holy Wars, we were even allied next to France and Spain, Italy and others - long before anyone even heard of America.

BUT near regards to 1940.... RELUCTANTLY, even I have to own up that the Yanks did actually take factor in the Battle of Britain - not many though LOL and they flew for Great Britain beneath the ROUNDEL and not the STARS and bloody Stripes....... The Royal Air Force roll of honour for the Battle of Britain recognises 595 non-British pilots (out of 2,936) as flying at least one authorised operational sortie near an eligible unit of the RAF or Fleet Air Arm between 10 July and 31 October 1940.[74][75] These included 145 Poles, 127 New Zealanders, 112 Canadians, 88 Czechoslovaks, 28 Belgians, 32 Australians, 25 South Africans, 13 French, 10 Irish, 7 Americans, and one each from Jamaica, the British Mandate of Palestine, and Southern Rhodesia.

So, there's a few dated allies in that lot that we can mull over.
what a load of old bolloxs, no they are not, what the hell is he playing at. They enjoy been slagging us off for heavens know how long, that US thing about we won the period of war for the limeys crap, and that some misguided fools in US giving money to the feckin IRA, and besides which the loan Churchill secured from US wasn;'t paid stern until 2006, the interest being enormous. They with the sole purpose do things when it suits.
For someone who did PPE and who allegedly get a First at Uni Cameron's grasp of history is decidely shaky.

England's oldest and staunchest ally is usually cited as being Portugal. England signed a treaty with Portugal contained by 1473..…
oldest and staunchest.

our oldest continual ally is Portugal an unbroken agreement dates rear to the early 18 century.
Our staunchest allies own been Australia and New Zealand, they were beside us right from the start of both world wars, Cameron needs to keep hold of his mouth closed when he does not know what he is talking about.

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