Fake ID Information and Consequences?

The other day me and my friends were have an argument over Fake ID's and were wondering if anyone with actual regulation experience or first hand experience could help us.

I know someone who is considering purchasing a insincere ID and we were debating the charges that could be brought against you if caught using one.

Firstly, what is the most likely sentence that a entity around the ages of 16-17 got caught using a fake ID to purchase alcohol? (With no previous trouble beside the police and no record)

Next, would these charges be lowered by using your real name? (such as making it smaller number in terms of fraud or identity theft)

By The Way, This is for ENGLAND and also its NOT me whos getting it so please dont lately answer saying don't get one!! This is a moment ago general curiosity and if you really want to stop people getting them, endow with me good solid information I can show him to change his mind!
Generally it will only be confiscated and you will be ticketed for "Failure to Identify", "Minor in Possession" and whoever sells the booze to the underaged ID holder could be fined an lose their liquor license.
...the fact that you're contemplating to commit a crime mechanism that you guilty of conspiracy to commit a crime... that means you have a Criminal mind !
Section 25 of the Identity Card Act 2005, is possession of a false ID document.

Just have a false ID document on you is an offence, and if it has any false information on it it is a false ID document. Possessing one beside the intent to make someone think you are elder is the same section but different sector and likely to get a greater penalty as you are doing it for a reason. This misdeed is punishable by up to ten years in prison and I have hear of someone getting one year for their first offence. ID documents in the deed are any documents, UK or foreign that are issued by governments (ID cards, drivers licence, passport ect).
If he/she is over 10 years old-fashioned , then he/she is over the age of criminal responsibility. The police COULD prosecute both your friend and anyone else involved in the phoney ID scam or the purchase of alcohol. They WILL prosecute the retailer for believing your ID and he/she could lose their licence and their livelihood. Would you want to be responsible for that?

The likelihood however, is that your friend would get away next to a bollocking and a home visit to his parents (the first time), but the shopkeeper won't.

Is alcohol really so important? If it is, later we live in a sad, sick and confused world.

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