When does something you believe to be right or wrong,be come "unbritish" ?

I am referring to the term of "unbritish" used by the Immigration Minister Damian Green in relation to the outlawing of the burkha.

What do you consider to be "unbritish"
Your thoughts please.
Look in the real world.
Decode this lyrics " You'll see "
"Wonderful world"
"Don't know much"
"Time after time"
"The Great Commandments"
"The Final Countdown"
"The Lost children"
"Candle surrounded by the wind"
"Eve of destruction"
"Think twice"
"Have you ever made up your mind"
"It's a matter of time"
"Two less lonely people"
"In 100 years"
"Who will put aside the world"
"We are the world"
"We are family"
Simple common sense?
Are we the living of living intelligent design or the living dead of artificial intelligence near hear-say only from the Book of the Dead that never was from someone else graveyards?
Who is surviving surrounded by the real world?
The living like you and me or the unmoving Mummy with hear-say only from the Book of the Dead that never be in time?
Pride and prejudice over a one man great dreams as the man who would be king with crown of thorns striding and glaring near pride and prejudice in his royal robe as king Midas with the golden touch and withered appendage with "Alice in Wonder land"
Glory next to pride and prejudice of one tribe and one community only in time?
Don't even donate a damn to the Survival of Mankind like you and me including own children own tribe, own community and children of all tribes of different community contained by the real world in time?
Luke 21.30-36
Luke 9.25,55-56,60
Luke 8.5-8,10-17
Luke 24.44-45,47-48
Luke 9.27
Exodus 20.5
Genesis 11.1,3-9
Revelation 16.14
Exodus 20.1-6
Revelation 17.1-18
Luke 14.26-35
Revelation 17 - 20
Matt 5.9,14
What do you reflect? Source(s): decoded from the missing x-files. To me, unbritish is when foreign ideas hang on to being forced upon us against our will.

It's not very British to be driving down the road and own an accident with a woman that happen to be wearing a burkha. How would I know who was actually driving that other vehicle..... and indeed, how would I know that she justifiably entitled to drive as I would not be able to ascertain that the photo on her licence was the actual personality driving? That seems pretty unbritish to me.
that he was chitchat a load of bollox. He still thinks we own empire and rule the world, the tw*t. As to the Burkha, niqab, veil, sorry but its unbritish to wear it, they don't wish to integrate, not to be part of Britain. If they did, young at heart Muslim women wouldn't be adopting it in a rush, as a form of their identity. Whereas up to that time they walked around in spangly tops and tight jeans, it s a shed nouns of poo
Its a stupid phrase that really annoys me.

I agree with things that I agree with whether they are see as british or un-british. It is a phrase used to win over idiots that are blinded by patriotism.

I would probably be seen as un-british as I guess that the French culture is far superior to the British culture. Which is the reason I plan to do technical french when I hold my chemical engineering so I can move to and work in France.
damn, i meant to pass you a thumbs down clint knee, sorry i gave thumbs up instead

demonstrably i dissagree, verhmently

it IS unbritish to take soemones rights away
that is th epoint
we are supposd to be democratic and free, all the same soemone decided, 'i dont like that, so i dont want it, so it go, no matter what anyoen else wants or needs'
thats disgusting, and is completely unbritish

unbritish to me is anything that makes britain seem close to its following other countries instead of doing what it usd to do, being who and what IT is
banning someones clothes, is pretty low to me
its as pitiful as 'all hoodies cant be worn in shops' i mean gain a grip
Our own UK governments/politicians over the past 30+ years have be 'un-British' so theres nothing wrong in 'their thinking' - they taking 'no spy at all' of the majority of public opinion. They alone have sold the UK and its society/lifestyle down the river years ago.

The rule 'claims' we're a 'tolerant peoples' - no we're not - not anymore - we've all had far too much shoved down our throats surrounded by the name of tolerance - all cause by this out of control mass immigration which has/is bringing the indigenous UK peoples all the troubles we are adjectives now experencing all the time immediately adays.

The sad thing is we elected these political clowns into power - albeit it a coalition - we thinking they trial what they we're doing - big mistake that was.!!
It is unBritish to pander to a vociferous bigoted minority that doesn't want to be quantity of our society instead of doing the right thing and telling these associates that if they want to wear a burkha there are plenty of other countries where it's reasonable but not here thank you.
I'm not a racist, but I will say that has get to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard anyone enunciate.
To not ban it, would be un-British. Shame on you, do-gooder government. Source(s): Grrr.

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