My innkeeper desires lb45 a week for me to park my motor out the wager on of my flat can he do this?

I have just recived a communiqué through the post from my letting agent saying that they have recived masses complaints about parking out the back of my flat, as it is contained by the city and those who work in the city use it to park as it is free. The letter states that as from Aug 1st in that will be a clamping enforcment officer patrolling the area, and if we want to park trailing where we live it will be lb45 per calander month to do so, on top of our monthly rent. Can they do this?
Does the letter look strict, or does it look like it was typed up at home by someone who's barmy at you taking their parking spaces?

If there are no signs up indicating otherwise, then anyone is free to park in attendance, within restrictions, of course. Like, if near are parking meters, then one must pay.

If the memorandum really is legitimate, you may be able to call round your city's parking administrator or some other similar official and say, "Listen, that parking nouns is located right behind where I live. I own no other place to park my vehicle. Can something be worked out? I don't necessarily want to leave any one else without a parking space, but can't some form of vehicle authorization be established such that residents of the building immediately adjacent to the parking lot can use it as all right? I am suggesting that some form of sticker be placed on such vehicles, such that any enforcement officer can visually inspect any potentially offending vehicles, and ticket those which do not own this sticker allowing such a vehicle to remain parked in the parking lot."

That way, is sounds close to you really are trying to find a win-win solution to the problem. You might even ask that your landlord be present with you at any such seminar you set up with any such local government administrator to give you some support and credence to your story.
If it is a public road - no they cannot enforce this.

If it is private ground, yes technically they can however I would read your tenant agreement very carefully to see if it make any mention of the space.
It is base on the contract, if he is amending it, you don't have to agree to it. Source(s): Lawyer Yes, to the extent of my knowledge they can do this because I assume they will so turn the space into a private parking space just for you. Although you are under no duty to rent the space just because you have rented the flat, unless otherwise stated contained by the contract.
It all depends on adjectives kinds of factors, is coupé parking covered in your lease and is the lease also running out Aug 1st? Have you parked there short problem for a long time which could make free parking implicit in your agreement. You obligation competent legal advice as different circumstances will convey variable weight as to whether or not it is allowable or not.

You have need of to see a solicitor, usually you can get a 20 min meeting free of charge, alternatively your local citizen's guidance bureau should provide access to free legal advice.

I suspect the owners/agents are simply trying to maximise their returns contained by these straightened times and may not be able to enforce their demand. In usual circumstances of this temper they would simply have issued residents with parking permit, perhaps for a small fee, and clamped interlopers. Don't simply ignore it however, if your car is clamped your dispute will be beside the clampers not the owner/agent and you would likely lose the argument.
You seem to be asking if your current lease gives you the right to park surrounded by some specific place. I have not read it and do not know. I suggest that you should read it.

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