How do i report someone for electric pinching?

Inform your electricity company right away

The utility company
Report it to any electricity company and they will deal next to it.
My God, electric theft, that's shocking news.
as the other answers or phone the police
I will assume your uk as this is UK and Ireland page.

The offence is abstraction of electricity, section 3 aggravated burglary act 1967.
You make an inital report to your power supplier, and request that they check usage level etc.

You then contact your local police who will send an officer round inside 2-4 days to have a look.

They have to linger a certain amount of time as your supplier or a police contractor will have to come out and examine any physical evidence and this have to be done by a qualified electrician.

Don't forget to tell your supplier that the police are involved and this will hasten their response generally. Source(s): 6 years imperative enforcement Call the electric company. Almost every utility has a person or department concerned more or less the theft of services.

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