Freedom Of Information Act on the subject of my previous employment UK ONLY?

Freedom Of Information Act regarding my previous employment UK people ONLY
I worked at the Local Council and I be ''forced'' out for making a racist complaint , so I got the boot when they had they fortune
I went tthrough all the lawful aspects but got nowhere as nobody would back me up And I be told that if in the future I Was applying to work for the council again and I be getting nowhere then my legal squad would look into that for me
I was told there would be no black sucker against me in my files etc But how can I know for sure
My questions is can I use the Freedom of Information accomplishment to see what info they hold in my personal file Or Data protection law maybe
My second questions be can the Council advertise INTERNAL jobs lone does that not constiture any human rights freedom of work laws I read a lot that ancestors are getting sued and taken to court for trivail reasons in employment issues
I know they can put together the rules as they want they are offering the work But surely to advertise to everybody is the fair passageway and its Local Government and not a private company
And everybody know Internal applications are basically saying the job going to my best friend or next door neighbour When I was working at hand 16 out of 24 people got in that jobs because they knew the controller and were cherry picked off employment registers

So... here is already a best internal candidate for a job...

And you would prefer that they
- go through meaningless procedures to advetise externally
- interview people they do not need to
- OR worse deny a human being promotion... so forcing that person to leave continuous employment...
AND rubbish lots of money for no benefit ?

Most large organisations select from within.. (its pious for morale)
.....internal candidates already know the way the organisation works.
Getting an external contender means they cannot function 100% for quite a while, while they revise the wat the organisation works (very inefficient). Som estimates put that at as much as 2 years.. frequently upto 1 year before they are reasonably rationalized.

If and only if there is no unmistakable candidate, do you look outside.
As promotion or internal moves happen..the charge the person leaves, also comes available.. at some point a vacancy does come up.. unless at hand is an overall staff reduction.

So again, in practice some job - just not all - job are advertised outside,
it just wait till the internal re-shuffle has happened.

Your HR record... is usually confidential.
If it was not available to you when employed, it is unlikely to be available now.
Data protection in a minute would encourage employers to verbs it when you leave.
except for any legal requirement to archive it surrounded by case of legacy officially recognized needs.
In practice, that is most expected what has happened to yours.
It will not be open and used as future reference...

That does not stop family 'remembering' you.
You cannot stop that happening.
Seeking info thru the act does not come cheap & can literally cost thousands

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