What are the punishments for lying roughly your age for a see?

Ok, so me and my cousin want to go and see Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow which is recording close us. The minimum age is 16. My cousin is 16 and I am only 15, so if I get caught what will surface? And do you think I will get away beside it?

Jordan =]
If you get caught, the only point they'll do is throw you out, really :)
You will be hung at dawn the subsequent day if you are discovered. Michael McIntyre will be watching to make sure you are late. Source(s): Not I was buying beer when I was 17.....the worst piece to ever happen was they told me no once contained by a while..can't hurt to try..
I would imagine that the worst that will happen is that they send regrets you entry. As you are so close to the age I don't expect there will be a problem, they probably won't look twice at you.

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