How long for murder for a 17 year behind the times?

I was just wondering how long a 17 year ripened would be looking at for murder, and especially if the victim was pregnant x would they shift to young offenders or straight reformatory? x and also if they plead guilty x and in scotland x
That is double murder.If the baby dies too.He/she/they will be looking at most expected life in prison.He/she/they can be charged as an developed as well.Which would mean 15-life within prison.As I said most likely life.And guilt for the rest of his/her/their enthusiasm.It is not a good decision.A 17 kid should be living the rest of his/her/their natural life. Source(s): blank 15 to life
It depends on the judge. He or she can try them as an grown depending on the situation. The situation could be something like a pre-meditated murder or one that was committed minus thinking.

Crimes that are usually clean can mean that it be pre-meditated. If the crime scene is dirty, like if there's blood all over the place, it would suggest that the soul wasn't thinking about the consequences and killed the human being right there.

P.S. A 13 year-old boy was sentenced to time in prison for murdering his classmate.
It depends on the state. In Texas you would get the hypodermic and die as you should anywhere you murdered another person.
What are you suggesting...?

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