There soon wil be a time of war against racist Britannia, should i stay here or better be in motion vertebrae to Espana?

Now that's hysterical coming from one of the most racist countries in Europe. I've had the misfortune of watching a Spanish football winter sport and not just the taunts but the banners that are held up insulting players of different nationality and ethnicities is frankly vile. The abuse that a friend suffered while visiting Spain also make my stomach turn. So accusing Britain of being racist is not only laughable but incredibly hypocritical. Anyway, if this "war" you claim is coming, Spain won't be involved as it can narrowly afford to buy a pitchfork. It's Western Europe's embarrassment.
Spain: good weather, zilch of anything else.
Ha go stern to espana! Having lived there for an appreciable amount of time i can accurately state that your country is a.) corrupt from the top level down b.) racist against English c.) uses one tenet for the Spanish and another for foreigners and d.) is at least 30 years behind Britain, at most minuscule mentality wise. Come back when you've grown up as a nation and hold stopped being the third world of modern Europe.
Espana? Haha!

Spain is one of the nastiest, most racist countries on earth!

How roughly the Spanish football fans making "monkey noises" at Ashley Cole and Shaun Wright-Phillips (black English footballers) when they played in Spain…

(England refuse to play Spain until they got their nasty racist fan under control)

and the Spanish F1 fans blacking up their face like golliwogs and screaming racist abuse at Lewis Hamilton (black English F1 driver) when he competed over in that? Absolutely revolting. They'd have been arrested if they'd tried that surrounded by the UK.…

Spaniards are the most racist people on earth! the in one piece of Europe knows this (and hates them for it).

If you are a Spaniard that explains profusely . . . The average Spaniard's mentality is around 40 years behind the UK.
I think we are all reasonably happy for you to leave, the problem for you is you don't appear to know where you live. One minute you're from the States, the next Russia, very soon Spain, perhaps you should seek some medical attention as you are perceptibly not of a sound state of mind.
A) Last time I looked, there be no country called Britannia.
B) The UK is one of the least racist countries surrounded by Europe, and is certainly not a racist as Spain.
C) Fine, go posterior, but I'd much rather live in the UK, than Spain which currently have an economy that is contained by a worse state than that of some third world countries.

But if you don't like the UK, then give up. Adios.
Go back to spain, they get a far better football team!
Why are people even answering this ill informed racist troll?
spock is that you...
Join the BNP

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