Is it not permitted within UK for someone to be vocally racisist contained by the street?

An Asian friend of mine is very upset. He was doing his regular fitness run and go down a particular road he always uses as quantity of his routes, because its diverse terrain is ideal for joggers. There were two women standing outside a house and as he passed one yell, "Keep running you ***, don't come near my house again, don't walk, hold running..." Are racial insults in a public place ilegal surrounded by UK? He's very devastated now because he have a wife (also an Asian) and 9 month old daughter, there have never been cases of racism in his calm neighbourhood, and now he fears their sanctuary whenever his wife takes the child out for a walk contained by the push-chair.
yes its illegal but rugged to prove without evidence but if he notes the address and writes down adjectives incidents and tries to get witnesses he should report it or ask them out right if they think its generous i bet the 2 women would have shat their pants if he have stopped and challenged them.. tell your friend not to verbs and hope its an isolated incident
Only if you are a Muslim , Christians will be prosecuted , Muslim preachers of hate can do just something like what they want , Not that i agree with the bullying of any race because of his creed or colour but the PC brigade is responsible for most of the dislike intensely with its one sided approach to racism which has cause a seething resentment that is spreading fast in a minute. You can force a nation to except your views with draconian law but in the end it will explode surrounded by your face.
That does not nouns like Racial abuse, Just because someone is a different see does not mean that any insult toward him or her is automatically racist.
For example if I said to my asian or Black work colleague that I did not like the standard of his-her work and he-she feel insulted by it, does it then also make it racist?
There is a mistake made within the UK usually banded about by the race industry and vanished leaning (usually white liberals) that has downgraded any unenthusiastic contact with any ethnic minority as racist by default.
In my city a Nigerian UK citizen be awarded 15k pounds for being thrown out of a beer garden as staff suspected him of using his own alcohol. He sued Racist discrimination (Just because of his race). While like can happen to 'any' UK citizen he used his colour as a bargaining tool.
So nearby is a culture of 'All are equal, but some are more equal than others'.
Having said that, yes it is illegal and Wrong for anyone to be verbally racist within the street and rightly so.
I would tell what to do in no diffident terms. I don't like national. Source(s): bigots yup, all racism is illegal
All racism is against the law the UK no matter where on earth it is.

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