Leaving work and file a complaint abet?

iv only been working near for 3 shifts, but on my second day my trainer called me an invalid because i didnt know how to work the till still... i be left on my own with noone aid me on my second shift for 2 hours not knowing how to work the till properly, and everytime i asked someone they would put there noses up at me, to be honest fundamental enough everyone there have some sort of issue with all the trainees and i also worked within on some of the managers talking disappointingly about me, i want to leave but im not sure how to lug up appropriate action to file a complaint give or take a few these people or if its even worth doing? please help
I see two option.

You tough it out. And ultimately become trained. Putting up with their behaviour. In years to come you may even become resembling them.

or just leave. Moveon beside your life. Be happier in a different place of employment.

Ultimately, no issue where u work. There will always be someone, you dont grasp along with, dont like etc. At some point , you hold to put it aside to just get on next to the job.

There is a saying " Better the devil u know than the devil you dont know "

It scheme, who is to say your next place of employment will be any better than this one. At the totally least, you got your foot within the door at this workplace to build something. Who is to say the next place will not be like.

You need to weigh up , how bad it is , where on earth u are now. And the likely possibility going on for whether it will be like that if u find a job elsewhere.
Some things you do hold to put up with until you break out of your shell in the workplace , so to speak. Being competent to speak ones mind, in the workplaces to bosses etc. Takes time.

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