Has anyone ever in fact get the teaser?

This electric device that police use on people as a punishment mostly in the USA that shocks them into submission. It looks really throbbing when people get it as I've see it being used on American police programmes. Now it can also be used sometimes in the UK. Has anyone on here ever get it?
You mean 'taser'. Teaser is something else entirely.
no i've never been tazed they tried once but they missed and i get away ,but i've saw my freind get tazed twice while he was contained by the backof the car with cuffs Source(s): Garland police are ******* HOES I am an electrician who has been hit beside big voltages but never a little bitty taser.
1. it is a Taser (just because spell check says teaser does not mean it is true)
2. impracticable as a punishment device but as a compliance device. Prevents major injuries to both the subject and the police officers.
3. almost adjectives police officer who carry Tasers have be tasered during training, most multiple times.

If the police in the UK are using Tasers now it is particularly likely they are being Tasered during training since it is quantity of the official training protocol from the company. Source(s): retired US cop, Tasered at least 5 times, does not really hurt that much. Those that resist arrest tend to be drama queens anyway The taser will see most people's ***. It's become prevalent in the US because there is such strong research within it's favor as a "less-lethal" answer for police officers.

It doesn't feel honest - and definitely eliminates "threats" at the double.

I'd also say that it has significantly lessened the number of lawsuits, officer-involved shootings - and death.

As a side note (with regards to the voltage comment above), any electrician will make clear to you that amperage and current flow is the main killer, not voltage (unless we're conversation six-digits). Most reported injuries following use-of-force with tasers are related to secondary injuries, such as the subject falling and striking their cranium. Permanent injuries are relatively very rare.

Generally speaking, I'd voice that the projectile-based taser and use of video cameras on patrol - are the most significant advancement of law enforcement in the concluding decade. Source(s): B.S., Criminology I saw my brother, cousin and a few friends get tased because they were cadet. My brother is really strong and a man you will never see cry, but he said it hurt like hell.

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