Contesting a registered worldwide trademark?

I work for a UK company that has been operating since 1992 underneath the same name. In 2004 an Australian company received a worldwide trademark for impossible to tell apart name. Both companies offer indistinguishable services. The Australian company has never operated surrounded by the UK, and I want to know if I can challenge their worldwide registration, and how I would go something like this?
I'm not a commercial lawyer but you make no mention as to whether your Trademark is registered. If it isn't, I would interpret you'd struggle.
You need an IP lawyer (specialising surrounded by tradesmarks) who'd make an application to the specialist section of the Companies Court surrounded by the UK to register the TM in the UK on your behalf.

You can't make a broad applciation to 'deregister' the TM unless you own it (or claim to own it). Source(s): I'm a attorney You can file a case for the said reason before you are filed a baggage for piracy; if you are charged your chances are remote, even though you can argue; the result may be either instrument; it is better to challenge before it go out of hand.

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