Should nearby be a license to prostitute?

If this license requires a clear health and criminal record afterwards what's so bad about prostitution? In effect, we adjectives sell our bodies for money, don't we not? What's wrong with selling it for things that give people sexual pleasure?
"In effect, we all supply our bodies for money" - How so? If you are referring to how everyone has to work to make a living, afterwards that is not selling your body. That is selling your time, labour and skills.

And anyway we don't want protection from prostitutes - prostitutes need protection from criminals.

REPLY TO MICKY DEAN: Licensing will not deter criminals. If a passport or driving licence can be faked, next so could a prostitution license. It also does nothing to stop the criminals who promise young girls a contemporary life, only to hold on to them prisoner and make money off them.

REPLY TO LIZ: I agree beside you in regards to using brothels. A notably controllable place like that would be much safer than on the street prostitution. My only problem is that this sets a significance on sex, and where there is a significance there will always be someone who wishes it but can afford it. This is where the illegal street prostitution steps surrounded by. Cheaper women who may not be doing so at their own will.

I think the worst thing something like this concept is simply that it equates women to possessions. Our society needs to move forward, not back. Source(s): Amnesty International supporter.

Wow thumbed down for standing up for women. Can't believe nation on here sometimes. I think prostitution should be made legal, at hand is nothing worse than seeing slappers on street corners touting for business with adjectives the potential dangers that could ensue.
Brothels opened up within a clean controlled environment must surely get the majority of girls bad the streets, strict screening of the girls sexual history could be enforced and a clean bill of health (checked on a severely regular basis) would ensure a healthier environment for both the girl and her client. No drug users need apply and solitary women with a strict adherence to clientele confidentiality and a brain in her team leader should be "employed".
Sex will always continue to be looked-for by men, girls are sitting on a "gold mine" and if they choose to go down this road consequently at least offer them the sanctuary and hygienic surroundings of a higher class rather than the one they are living contained by now.
If you legalise prostitution with a license classification will help stop trafficking stopping girls being forced into it.

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