How should a officially recognized consideration be posted on unoccupied premises?

Specifically a local government litter clearance notice
Elwood's answer is right contained by the US, but wrong in the UK.

Scouse's answer is wrong everywhere. Imagine hammering a notice into the ground! Who is going to see that?

In the UK, the discern must be posted either magnetically, or with those little "God Save the Queen" thumbtacks you carry at the stationer's. Taped notices are invalid. This is not simply a convention, it is the law.

You can sledge hammer a wooden sign into the ground and then affix the notice near the proper thumbtacks, but if you hammer the notice itself into the ground, it will become dirty and torn, and not a soul reads things that are pounded into the ground. Source(s): Solicitor and former clerk and poster of notices Tape it to a door or tie it to one of those collateral fences if you can not get into the premises any other bearing or tie it to a stake and hemmer it into the ground. The whole idea is to put it within a place in which the occupier or owner can see it. Then swear or affirm a formal affidavit to say who who are and who you work for using your principal officer,s baptize and exactly how you have served the notice ie tape it to a door pushing it through a letter box, leaving it next to an adult working at the premises or however you have served it. The Court will usually adopt it unless you have done something very unreasonable. If a stranger comes along and removes the spot that is not your concern.,You have served it.
The solicitor for the affidavit must be independent and not work for your local authority. The payment was about lb5 when I did it later plus a fee for an exhibit (which will be a copy of the notice and referred to as exhibit A surrounded by the affidavit)

Voice of reason: I was a clerk, you know those who do the work while you acquire the glory, and used the tape several times and also by tying a notice to a proceeds. It was accepted at the audible range as due service. You are being clever when you suggest that a notice is hammer to the ground I did of course mean the sense attached to a stake in the ground which can not be done if the ground is concrete.

Many of the things you say are custom not a requirement within the same way as a brief or more usually instructions to counsel are tied within red tape

You can of course post it by first or second class post but not by registered post because the addressee can embargo to accept a registered letter
You own to use government approved copper plated thumbtacks, or government approved cellophane cassette.

The proper thumbtacks are SKU 24o29039 and have little eagles embedded contained by them. The tape is SKU 2409t0200 and has a watermark when you hold it up to the neutral.

If you use improper fasteners, it will cancelled the notice.

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