Are the YA moderators a idle away of space?

No doubt this question will be deleted long since they delete any more anti-English rants from Jessy James or one of his many aliases, but I would resembling to know what types of controls YA place on the questions that are posted on their boards. It seems to me that you can post anything you close to unless it is anti-muslim. Then it gets whipped past its sell-by date quicker than slick.
I don't know how much they pay their mods, but judging on the question they let through, it is too much.
Yahoo don't come across to be able to deal next to anything, and I firmly believe that this site is virtually 'completely' self moderating.... relying on the goodwill of it's uses to make the right judgement.

It is a huge annoyance, but if everyone would just report him every time he shows up, the question and the accounts will simply disappear faster than he can create them. I watched this morning how around 10 of his questions simply vanished when a nouns of us just jumped on him and reported. A similar piece just happened minutes ago, and he's nearly disappeared again.
As long as you don't right to be heard anything bad about Obama, the leftists/progressives or muslims (strangely at probability yet seemingly allies?), you can say anything you resembling about republicans and conservatives, edit their statements or video, say they said things they didn't, or call for ferocity against them and their families, yahoo has no problem beside that. Have you noticed the AP news stories yahoo feed us is the same as the major the Fourth Estate? Have you heard Hollywood's darling Chavez is threatening to invade Colombia? Do you know China's merchant ocean controls the Panama Canal? Do you know Obama gets less cooperation from the UN financial guarantee council than Bush did? It's all just smoke and mirrors blah blah blah racist this racist that, to preserve us from noticing our skids are being greased for WW3. And when it happen, there will a consensus from the left and the majority of the newsmedia will impersonator, it's all Bush's fault. People will be a short time ago as dead. Source(s): "Oh for a voice like thunder, and a tongue to drown the throat of period of war....." I've also been following Jesse James (the loony) and I think that he get away with it because he doesn't use and filthy language and as a consequence gets through the filters.

But as long as 2 culture report abuse, he'll be deleted.

So I enunciate Fly (or in this case "click on the") Flag and report the little weasel.

No insult to Weasels.
They need to revise what an IP is aswell.

It's not about being annoyed it's about someone spamming and trolling on here.
Sick to the posterior teeth of this forum - I emailed yahoo again and got back on the suggestion board - my blocked users is nearly full - a moment ago of this damned racist pig! (and thats an insult to pigs). Yahoo seemed to get their stroke together a couple of days ago as soon as he was reported he was pulled but ending night was dire. If I said such stuff or anti this and anti that I would be contained by jail - why, because I am white,UK - pc gone wrong and tired of it. Aggghhhh - breathe, breathe lol Source(s): personal rant It is the troll that we want to disappear more than his rant. The man is totally demented and a scourge. Everyone wants to see the back of him. What demented pleasure can he possibly go and get from the endless drivel that he posts. Everyone is sick to death of it. I a short time ago click on the report button now as soon as I see one of his rants. I cant be bothered to read them beyond the word English.
The short answer has get to be yes. As an outfit who bleat about community guidelines, and push their values down our throats, they have proved to be breathtakingly incompetent contained by dealing with this clown.
I`ve received a few violations along near the veiled threat of losing my yahoo account, but this just shows them as the toothless no-hopers that they are.
The troll will in recent times disappear when he loses his virginity and realises that there are better things that he could be doing. Be patient.
Probably, because this individual appears to be getting away with it.
They can not read every post. if you are offended by a rant/question/answer later report it..Or ignore it
I agree. I lost it with him and insulted him. I get my account suspended!
Since the Trolls question all follow the same outline of insulting and racist language it beats me why Yahoo haven't done more to stop his rubbish.
Why is this in politics? ....anyway, yes I figure out what you mean!
I'm unsure whether moderators read any emails. I sent an email about the site and the Troll you are on around and got what looked like an automated response. You would surmise they would take things a little more serious as contained by one of the Trolls rants he/she wanted to know if he/she could jump somewhere and make a bomb. There may be a genuine problem why they can't achieve rid of the troll and that is perhaps he/she change his/her ip address all the time. There are usually only a few question under any one name, later he/she starts another account. . But yes, I do agree that the mods are a bit of a waste of space, possibly if one of them views this post they might like to comment.

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