Statistically during a confrontation or a mugging how credible are you to die re defending yourself!?

Should you be afraid of death if you fight subsidise against a mugger druggie or chav or is that unlikely?
no you are defending your natural life so dont be afraid
It depends. If you confer the guy what he wants, he might kill you anyway for fun. You get a gun?
Shoot him, and you probably won't die, but you may go to prison yourself. If you are unarmed, and the mugger has a gun, blade, bat, or other, your best chance might be to fling him your wallet and run. He gets what he desires, he may figure it's too much trouble to chase you.

You will be too busy to think about it at the time.
Apart from the obvious (gun knives etc) most unlikely. However, surrounded by the UK, as a person being mugged, you will probably be arrested for disturbing the peace while the criminal go free. Source(s): Sick of the UK law. fighting don't do any piece but injurer people so why fight.
I don't know about the statistics, but I would speak if your alone and no one close to you is in jeopardy, then you should fight... although it's easier to confer about it rather than to resolve in the moment, I would say if near isn't a gun involved, I'm throwing my f*ckin fists...

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