Would I involve some sort of proof of citizenship if I needed to live surrounded by Italy longer than 3 months?

My mother is Italian. Every year I get a letter through the door asking me to vote for the subsequent elections (even though I live in Ireland)

I am assuming this means I am an Italian citizen? How could I find out and would I requirement anything to prove it just in overnight case or should I be alright? I'm not sure how it all works

I know the simple answer is just ask my mother but she's passed away!

I would ring the embassy but I am currently living within NYC and want to avoid the phone bill :)

Thanks for any help. I know it's a bit of a silly question :)
No, just your passport - it's all EU.

Assuming you are an ROI citizen.
Yes! In command to have an Italian passport, you need to check whether you are an Italian citizen, If you are not an Italian citizen, you will necessitate a long-stay visa if your are staying in Italy for more than 3 months.

Best way is to contact the Italian diplomatic mission surrounded by the US, to confirm whether or not you are an Italian citizen.
Call (or better, go and get there early and obtain in line) the Consulate-General of Italy in NYC. If you enjoy saved one of those letters, bring it along next to you. You could eventually apply for your passport there (it'll be up to them to e-mail the embassy in Dublin and check your citizenship status).

Once you get your passport, you'll be free to live in Italy for as long as you want, and enjoy dutiful food, nice climate, longer life expectancy and cheap & qualified health guardianship. Source(s): http://www.consnewyork.esteri.it/Consola… No, as an Irish citizen & a citizen of an EU member state you will be allowed to move to Italy & live there if you longing - you could if you wanted take up Italian citizenship as capably but it's not necessary, your Irish passport will be enough to capture you into Italy.

If you intend to live in Italy for 3 months or more you will need to register beside the Authorities, the Irish Embassy website for Italy has some information on what you need to do

The wonderful Wikipedia easy to read version.

and adjectives you need to do is contact the Italian embassy in Ireland or even the US !
http://www.consnewyork.esteri.it/Consola… - Italian consulate NYC
You say you live in Ireland. What passport do you hold? If you are Irish or Italian (or are from another EU country), your passport would be fine. You wouldn't have need of any other proof. Otherwise you can apply for Italian passport because of your mother.
If you are getting updates to vote ? You are an italian citizen Get a passport.
That money you were registered as an italian citizen.
What nationlity are you now ?
Only citizens attain updates for voting.
Since you hold an Italian mother, you can apply for an Italian passport. That would confirm your Italian citizenship. If you have an Irish passport, that also entitles you to live in Italy as an EU national.

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