The UK could soon be the Second Melting Pot?

I'm 17 from UK, there is so much immigration
There are many frequent parts of London that could be mistaken for other countries.
Other ethnic groups are now 10% of the population and growing fast.
Although not on like scale as the US
Is the UK the 2nd most ethnically diverse Developed nation?
sid have you ever asked your self why it is you do not consider white Americans as being immigrant in America
it always make me laugh when folk like you appear to think its only none white ancestors that can be immigrants Source(s): my head the more ethnic diversity we adopt the less developed we become
You are not "from the UK" - your previous post (regarding the NHS) was full of inaccuracy and Americanisms which are not used in the UK (ie you referred to the Accident & Emergency Department as "The ER" which it is NOT call over here. We call it the A&E and always own done!).

And then started talking in the order of "Sales Rate Taxes" which we do not have in the UK (unless you are referring to V.A.T.??)

I christen American Troll.
10%, you really think so? Wait for the 2011 opinion poll results, it's a lot more than that?

What I'd like to know is when are rural countries going to embrace multiculturalism? Do you think they'd tolerate a gay pride march within Uganda, or a Pub on every corner in Islamabad? Of course not. So why the hell should we put up with their "culture" contained by our country.

Edit: We've had 10 years of mass immigration and disproportionate reproduction since then. The average indigenous birth rate for that interval is below 2, yet the population (excluding illegals) has increased by roughly speaking 3 million. OK some of it will be due to people living longer, but most is due to immigration, and higher birthrates of non-whites. Source(s): Population Size
7.9% from a minority ethnic group (circa 2001)…

Muslim population 'rising 10 times faster than rest of society'…

Record smooth of British population is foreign-born… You gave yourself away when you claimed to be from UK. Most people surrounded by the UK do not reveal that and especially not people of your age, if that is your TRUE age. As I said before, you need deeply more education about the UK up to that time you start spouting off. As an American, you have plenty of troubles of your own to treaty with, so if you want to make a difference, try varying the minds of some of your own people first.
Britain has become the dumping ground of the world, time it stopped until that time our little island sinks.

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