Can you achieve a forewarning or reprimand if your elder than 18years elderly?

Im applying for a job which states:
Do you have any criminal convictions? include any reprimands, caution or warnings. checks being made for any dictation of convictions or cautions against me. This will be in the form of an Enhanced Criminal Record Check and through the Croydon Council database.

I get a reprimand when i was 16 or 17, and i know that when your applying for jobs you dont enjoy to mention this, but does this question mean that you do within this case, because i have a reprimand. I other though reprimands was for udner 18s but i dont wanna put this down.

Can you get a reprimand when your elder 18, where at this age you would have to state this surrounded by your job app.

im confused, please help.
As a juvenile/young guilty party you get a reprimand, as an adult (17 and over according to custody legislation) you would receive a word of warning.

Reprimands are discharged when you are 18 or after 5 years whichever comes LAST.

After that they are not dis-closable to employers, unless you have an enhanced CRB check. You would be getting an enhance crb if you work within the public sector, healthcare, with children etc

To be honest mate, most employers don't really thinking about juvenile idiocy as most people did some pretty stupid things, so its better of describing them you did something daft and got let of beside a juvenile caution as a kid.

They cant ask you the details of these as they can't legally check up on them, so freshly leave it as that. Source(s): 6 years law enforcement Put it down. It will come up on an enhanced copy check. Yes, you can get a caution or reprimand over 18

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