Can I agree to my sports car roll down a hillock, lacking turning on the engine, and be protected from "drink driving"?

I'll be in the car controlling the brakes obviously.

Basically, my local Pub is on top of a big hill... If I could drive up, that would collect my sweating; then I could have a few drinks and newly roll the car down the hill pay for to my house then!

Nope. Not at all. As long as you have supervision and control of the vehicle you are susceptible. People have been charged while sitting within the car, with the engine rotten, and not even driving the vehicle because they have had the key with them and were efficient of driving.
You would have to read the relevant statute. It varies by country and smaller jurisdictions. You didn't mention where on earth in the world you are.
In my state, it is a crime to be in "actual physical control" of a vehicle while beneath the influence. That includes any sort of control, including steering, braking, etc. In my state, what you describe would be a crime. I don't know if that is true where you are because you didn't mention where on earth you are or provide the language of the law that govern.
No. Drunk in charge is applicable whether the engine is on or not.

You could be none moving and still be prosecuted.
In the UK, you do not even have to be in your motor to be convicted of drink-driving. Being in the vicinity of your coup¨¦ and having access to the keys is sufficient for a conviction.

afraid not, you can merely be sitting behind the wheel stationery, and still attain done
No you could not.
You would be "in control" of the vehicle.
In certainty apart from the drink driving charge you would probably be charged with other things like sloppy driving, driving without due care and possibly harmful driving. Most cars lose braking and steering without the engine running.
Yes. You can get contained by trouble

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