A security statement within a small claims court (uk)?

a person who was" not at the place" when the situation happened , file a defence statement to the court stating that he studied cctv footage (with sound) of the situation which i never saw and was never produced at court . the just person who i was served by is call angela and she signed the receipt, on the defence it is stated that i be sold what i brought by someone called jade ? , he also says on the safeguard "we" a lot ,has if if he be there. he says he have cctv footage and can't get the person's name right who sold me the item , i spoke to one being on the phone (female) so how he says that i said "we would sell the item if he (me) didn't come" when he be not there and theres no cctv footage is beyond me . The judge took his words over mine , how can this be that a being who was not there and who i "never spoke" to give or take a few what i was going to buy on the day ,report a defence , the person's who were in attendance, Theres no statement by them on the defence , only his words and performance of what happened ,he also says i be offered a discount ( again he was not there ) the item i brought be lb600 he said to the judge the original price be lb650 the judge asked if he could prove that i was offered a discount he said no and that be that! he used that has an excuse for the reason why i be sold faulty goods and that i agreed to buy the item due to that when i have no idea the item was blemished , is there anything that can be done about this ( appealing or complain roughly speaking the judge or both)
Can you re-post your answer contained by a more concise form? I understand parts but not all of it,

1. State what happen: from what I can gather you were sold something that be not fit for purpose?

2. State who has taken who to court: It seems you're suing them for you lb support or is it something else?

Then I just get confused, within are about three other people mentioned, a bloke, Angela and Jade, don't really no who's who here, just say it within small concise sentences, "I spoke to a lady called Angela. She sold me X." Waffle doesn't aid anyone.

What did the Judge say? Did s/he give any root for taking the other persons word over yours? Were you doing something illegal? Did you enjoy legal representation? Are you in England/Wales, Scotland or Ireland? When did this come to pass?

Otherwise I would just say want some legal advice.
I have no notion what your question is, but if your submissions to the court were anything similar to this question I am not surprised that you lost the case. As far as I can see in that is not one capital letter or full stop.
I read what you state. And have no problem surrounded by understanding it , but how the law works contained by a situation like yours i can only assume that hearsay applies to it . what i don't go and get has well ,Is how a creature who was not there can distribute evidence i suggest u do both complain and appeal. see what happens

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