Tony Hayward (BP) will 'quit surrounded by days' - is his gold ingots plated agreement for incompetence disinterested?

"Under the terms of his contract, Mr Hayward is entitled to "current salary and benefits" on departure, the most up-to-date annual report states. Last year, Mr Hayward earned a total of lb4.56m – made up of lb1.045m in remuneration, a lb2.09m annual bonus, an lb852,000 long-term incentive payment and lb440,000 by cashing in 220,000 share option."…
Just how was he "imcompetent"?

If (as I assume you are) you are talking just about the problems in the Gulf of Mexico then pray explain how you digit out that this was due to his incompetence.

How about blaming the US company which be responsible for making and installing the equipment or the US workers who were in charge of it etc etc.

Sometimes society are just too stupid for words.
BP and Tony Hayward did not cause the rig disaster it be caused by one or both AMERICAN companies HALIBURTON & co who are mysteriously quiet (typical of American companies and indeed government) hiding at the back the skirts and letting an outside companies take the brunt , there is another armour ongoing at the present time where a lad using his computer accessed the sites of American guarantee (a joke to call it security) yes the lad Gary is the scapegoat the criminals are within fact the american security systems where on earth are they hiding behind the American government skirts . America is the great ostrich when it comes to themselves hiding their skipper in the sand

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