If i do not own a penis does this expect i am feminine?

the police keep calling me sir because of my voice i suppose but when i tell them im feminine and show them my birth certifacate they say its not mine but made up
Ask them if they want proof that U are a female
you must be black
No, that is not the definition. You could be a eunuch! Possession of ovaries and a womb is stronger proof, but ultimately it's down to your chromosomes!
no, within God's eyes, your chromosomes determine that, in societies eyes, you are what people perceive and see you to be, and as you would expect, anyone can believe they are anything they want, just don't expect the world to see you that way.

When it concerns police, sexual category is not really an issue for them, they could care less what they phone call you, and only care when they want to do a more "invasive" search.
You wrote: "...the police keep calling me sir ..."

Sounds close to whatever you are, you are coming to the attention of the police often.

Makes one wonder what you're involved surrounded by. Perhaps if you stopped doing whatever it is, the police would stop calling you sir.

- Stuart
This is certain as loggerhead turtleitis, like the loggerhead it has covered itself inside its shell.
if you have a p*nis manner your a male but if you have a penis near everything else female your a shemale anyways your voice might be deep but your a girl
The Police call you sir! Really? Unbelievable.

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