Will England ever stop confrontation against Northern Ireland ?

It's not England that's fighting against Northern Ireland,
Not even the IRA or their political wing, Sinn Fein are combat now that an agreement has be reached.
It's a few fanatical rabble rousers who use delinquent children and youths to make happen damage that are doing the fighting. I suspect that if this mob ever get control they would then move South attempting to overthrow the R of I government contained by Dublin using similar techniques.
Nobody is fighting with any subdivision of Ireland, its the people themselves who fight one another contained by the north. Google Belfast peace walls/barricades and you'll see what i mean.
England is not combat AGAINST Northern Ireland - why would they? They are part of the same country. Northern Ireland requirements to be part of the UK, and as such the British government and authorities enjoy a responsibility to ensure the safety of all citizens of N. Ireland. If that funds stopping terrorists who want to cause trouble, or 'fighting' against those who want N. Ireland to be part of the Republic (despite the majority of society in N. Ireland not wanting this), then explicitly not fighting Against N. Ireland, but fighting for what the majority of the inhabitants there want.
Once again Religion raises its dreadful useless face to devide people. I would enjoy though this superstititious garbage would have gone by in a minute. Catholic and prodestant.....if we are being watched from outer space they would roll with laughter and call us backward. Every pagan book including Muslim and Jewish are a joke. Buddhism and eastern are more about peace but still silly to me.
OMG what laughable and complete garbage you spout!

"England" (the UK) NEVER fought "against" Northern Ireland! The Irish (Catholic and Protestant) fought amongst themselves, and next the British Army who were sent in to try and restore peace - a mistake as everyone can very soon see in hindsight . . .

I would suggest you in actuality pick up a book and read about it but I doubt you'd be capable of conception words with more than one syllable.

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