Is it true that Goncalo Amaral be convicted of covering up the trouncing of a suspect?

He was in charge of the Madeleine McCann investigation. He claimed that her parents kill her in the same passageway another woman killed her daughter in Portugal a couple of years since. I thin khe was conviced of covering up his officer beating that woman.
Yes he was convicted of covering up the torturing of that poor woman by his men.

There's no body found of that poor girl, Joana, and there's NO traces of Joana's blood on the walls, floor or inside the pigs. It's adjectives a lie that's been spread for ages.
The forensics didn't bother to analyse the girls DNA profile, nor did they do any DNA test on anything like the freezer for instance.

The woman was convicted during a trial that's last for only three days.
A total of 45 witnesses, mostly relatives and villagers, testified contained by court. Four jurors (one man and three women) and three judges decided in the order of her "guilt". The opinions of the jurors – a 20-year-old student, a physiotherapist, a library employee and a waitress – carried one and the same weight as the judges.

She be convicted on hearsay and the ONLY evidence is the CONFESSION (which she retracted and she's pleaded innocence in Court).
A confession that was routed out of her after two long days of torturing, beating her.
NO beaten confession can be considered locked.
A cop who's covering up for torturing a suspect is despicable and should be send to jail. Source(s): Amnesty International, SOS Pris~oes, ACED Yes i.e. correct. he was found guilty of covering up the torture of the mother of a missing child. His pals cadence her, made her kneel on ashtrays etc then said she'd tried to throw herself down the stairs. No wonder the authorities within the UK threw everything they could at the McCanns---no doubt Kate would have "fell down the stairs" if the world's press weren't watching.

Rumours also abound of him drivng his child whilst drunk , he also appeared in court accuse of libelling the mccanns in a book he wrote that made him 1million euros, the book be effectively banned because it was hamper the search for poor Madeleine.
It was not within the same way.

The body of that portuguese 7 year ancient little girl never was found, only traces of it on the walls, floor and inside the pigs the mother and uncle of the child have in the backyard... Yes, that "poor woman" Amaral was trialled for whipping, killed her own daughter by banging her lead against the wall and floor and then fed the remains to the pigs.

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