Does public belief affect the courts contained by England?

I know that public opinion does affect the court in America, but is it like peas in a pod with England? Do the people own sway with the courts?
Judges in England are cruelly independent of pressure from the public or politicians. The only people who enjoy any influence in a court are the witnesses, the plaintiff (or prosecutor in criminal cases) and the defendant (through counsel). In jury trials, it is out of the question to eliminate bias entirely though the courts make every shot to limit it. A jury of one's peers is not always totally even-handed so you get examples like a bunch of protesters who wrecked a corral of genetically modified crops being found 'not guilty' of causing criminal desecrate even though they admitted destroying it and were film doing so. (I believe their defence was that they be acting in the public interest against the greater threat allegedly posed by GM crops).
Normally, public evaluation is bound to affect any sort of decision making, but this's got to be more or less substantial. Often, strong public opinion leads to change in legislation in establish to serve justice better in court. Having said that, not everything the public desires is by default the right thing. For example, every being would naturally love to pay smaller number tax, and therefore the standard public opinion would love to pay smaller amount tax as a whole - but from an economical point of picture, this can often be very dangerous. In some extreme cases, this can lead to extra pressure on politicians. Cue: Greece.

So, yes - public opinion affects courts, but not that much, contained by my humble opinion anyway.
i would have to read aloud no check out our recent news jon thompson who murdered a 2 year old whilst he be 10 was released a couple of years ago to public outrage and has in a minute been arrested for child pornography and has solitary been sentanced to 2 years (of which he will serve 1) so no the judge know the public would be outraged but they dont care!!

sorry forgot to add jon solely served 10/11 years for his horrific murder of the 2 year old
Of course it does, judges would do loads of things if they though they could draw from away with it.
Look into recent history and look at the sudden appearance of the 'official ombudsman' who miraculously overturned the wisdom of a conciliator when the miners leader was sent to lock up...almost caused a riot did that putting him in detention centre that is.
No. Public opinion does not even side in a judges deliberation and/or sentencing.
The singular public input is with the jury deciding on the defendants guilt or not.
I think it affects a jury's result, but it doesn't normally affect the Judge, or so they say.

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