Are you allowed to wear doesn`t matter what you want surrounded by the UK?

I've just had a huge debate near my dad over whether or not you're allowed to wear whatever you want in the UK. I thought you could literally wear anything (shirts beside swear words and images of genitals, etc) but he says you could be arrested for wearing that generous of thing.

Now I know you're not allowed to wear clothes that expose your private parts, because that's indecent exposure. Also, I wouldn't individually ever wear a shirt with the C word on it but I thought you could if you wanted (except surrounded by private establishments like restaurants or certain public buildings close to schools, which can make their own rules).

So what I mingy is, out in the street in the UK, can you wear doesn`t matter what you like?
Depends. I doubt a copper will want to deal near annoying paperwork just for arresting/cautioning someone over a naughty word on a shirt. But if you're found smoking a biff on a highstreet surrounded by daylight, acting drunk and loud, and generally being a aggravation, it might be added to the list of charges.
I've broken small laws in the past in front of police, but they must have have better things to spend their time on.
More or smaller number, yes.

You can't wear a police uniform (unless on duty as a police officer)

You can't wear a military uniform if you are not a member of a regiment.

You are not permitted to wear a paramilitary uniform.

You can't wear an item if to do so may cause a breach of the peace [racist remarks for example, to some extent than swear words] or outrage public decency [you've covered that one]

Other than that, you can pretty much dress up as you please Source(s): I'm a lawyer as long as you are not inciting or antagonising after you can wear what you like

i used to wear an inspiral carpets 'cool as ****' t shirt put a bet on in the late 80s hasty 90s without reprimand

but wear a burka and you are inciting and antagonising the public and therefore hopefully soon you can be arrested for breach of the peace

relate your dad to try and remember when he was a youth
anything that is classed as a paramilitary style uniform is a criminal fault.
as longs as you don't show off your genitals you can wear anything.

my mate wore a t-shirt saying - dont drink meat eat ***** lol Source(s): living in the uk No if it's licentious or obscene you could be arrested under the Public Order Act.
Basically YES. as long as its not aimed to provoke . I.E. peoples skin colour, religion or race. I normally see shirts with the swear words .**** . bollocks . in a couplet or text on the shirt, french connection clothing use F.C.U.K. I would guess its a event of which area of the UK you are talking going on for as to just how far you can push the limit . I individually know a female who occasionally wears a tea shirt beside a pair of painted boobs on the front , this was bought surrounded by a shop in London last year .
In some places you can't even wear hoodies because they can be used to obscure your face. Which I consider is fair enough. I other look at it like this: If you went into a hill and you saw a man dressed with a mask covering his eyes, a black and white striped jersey and a brown sack with the word SWAG embossed on the side, surely he would evoke suspicion?! Its just adjectives sense. You don't need to wear a hoodie indoors, firstly, bopping around like you own the place near a gang of about 7 people doing duplicate thing! The way they prevent this is to stop everyone wearing them, even out-of-date ladies.
Fair do's I say.

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