My Landlord have attacked me, please someone out here help out me.?

I moved out of a flat because of problems with my Landlord, I have a nice house in a minute and I'm really pleased, people are really helping me to make this out-of-date house a palace, the old landlord does not know where on earth I live, I went to get my things near some friends in a van and he turned up, when I was outside beside my friends he pushed me down the stone steps and said angrily that he wanted me to stay and would have made me delighted and make children with me, the dirty **** to infer that, he sends texts to my mobile and laptop saying my partner is surrounded by London with a girl and they have 3 children, which is not true, my partner lives down the road and see me when he does not have work, the landlord said I have smashed the place up, which is not true and wants lb3000, I now own a broken ankle from being pushed down the steps, do I see my doctor who is this landlord's brother and tell him what he is adage and done?
Report him to the police for harassment.
1. Find a new doctor.
2.Charge and sue your former lands lords balls off.
here within the us that is aggravated assault.

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