Percentages of british POWs surrounded by WWII?

im guessing it was about 1/2 RAF and 1/4 army 1/4 royal task force

any info on this
It's difficult to find numbers of POW's by each service as a US Navy or Royal Navy POW would both be guarded by the German Navy Any allied Soldiers capture would be held by the Wehrmacht and so on. The lists are generally allied troops by Country, to verbs matters further, commonwealth troops were commonly reported as British. Also, some POWs were held initially by the Italians and then hand to the Germans, this can result in double counting.

Numbers by country - not including commonwealth countries are:

Soviet Union4–5.7 million taken by Germany (2.7–3.3 million died in German POW camps)

Nazi Germany3,127,380 taken by USSR (474,967 died surrounded by captivity) 3,630,000 taken by Great Britain 3,100,000 taken by the United States 937,000 taken by France, unknown number of German POWs in Yugoslavia, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark

France1,800,000 taken by Germany

Poland675,000 (420,000 by Germans, 240,000 by Soviets in 1939; 15,000 Warsaw 1944)

United Kingdom~200,000 (135,000 taken within Europe, does not include Pacific or Commonwealth figures)

United States~130,000 (95,532 taken by Germany)
im sure there is info on this. how about not guessing and instead dig out the web and do research on it.

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