UK: should the police man allegedly involved within Ian Tomlisons disappearance at the G20 protest be prosecuted?

Ok this may be a little late but I own to go to work so that the police Force can pay this policeman Full wage while suspended.

Ok I am getting for a while fed up of the way that NO police officer can be found guilty of ANYTHING.

It see the police officer in volved in Charles de Menzes wasn't convicted any. I digress.

According to the press pictures the officer involved was wearing a facade mask [balaclava ] and apparently WASNT wearing his identity lapels on this jacket - as officer are supposed to.
Now the problem with this case is weather a court/jury can resolve -intent- by the officer- to an unlawful/unprovoked attack .
Mr Tomllison wasn't even involved with the protest. So can it be said that the officer wishing to "hide" his identity be somehow "knowing" that he would do something that perhaps, may be unbecoming of an officer and so this so "intent" ?
I do appreciate that we cant always convict the police as they are doing a difficult job and they be there to police any riots - using reasonable force. however, if the force is unreasonable consequently should the officer be convicted ?
this officer alledgedy had a dark history so wasnt squeeky verbs .
He should be charged with assault at the awfully least, but it's not going to happen. I hold also heard that this Officer was previously sack by the Met for a road rage incident.
They can't prosecute because the doctor who carried out the autopsy cocked it up so any medical evidence for the cause of death is unreliable and inadmissible. If it go to trial you, me and all other tax payers will be paying out for a bag that cannot reach a fair and only conclusion. In the case of Charles de Menezes it looks like somebody made a tragic and fatal error. Prosecuting anyone for that would not achieve anything.
It seems a hiccough within the legal system messed up proceedings that could have drawn a conclusion. As Scottish Law would read aloud 'not proven'.
It does seem to be strange when there's video of a policeman assualting someone walking away who died that nothing happens, at the exceedingly least there should be an inquiry into why the met lied so much within the immediate aftermath of the incident.
Of course he should but this is but the tip of the iceberg as far as police corruption is concerned. At least its public and plain to see. Most of these incidents are never allowed to surface for scrutiny.
Yes I think this unusual Police Officer should be prosecuted but not the ones who killed Charles de Menzes.
I do, but i really don't think it will happen. Unless the ethnic group take out a civil case, the police stick to their own, whichever approach you look at it.
you seem sensible,so you already know the answer,its only the police speak no
At least

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