The UK contained by debt, I'm wondering if anyone can clarify...?

The Tories have been making some cuts, LOTS of cuts if truth be told, they claim it as a necessary, in lay down to repay the countries debt.

Can someone please tell me who we are in debt to?

(I don't really want to hear - resembling the Tories war cry that Labour put us here - that's not my question)
The 'loans' are actually just guarantees (No brass has been hand over)
They are from financial institutions (who are not only friends of the Toriesm but are in some estimate the cause of the problem)
We hold debts to a number of sources, including still a certain amount to construction firms for public buildings (we be lucky the Millennium Dome debt got passed on).
There's also some debt on loans from banks and other nation.
A large part of the cuts be not about debt though, but aimed and fixing the deficite.
It is not about actual debt, as others hold pointed out, but about the deficit, ie the difference between the amount the government wishes to spend to administer the country, and the amount it collects in terms of taxes and repayment of loans from elsewhere.
This elected representatives has put a spin on that deficit which makes it look worse than it is surrounded by order to give it the excuse of going final to the Thatcherite policies of attacking the public sector.
The simplest and most honest way of tackling the deficit would be to attain rid of the private contractors and consultants who have been milking state contracts for years, bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, and detain up with the rich tax dodgers.
Britain has lent money to other European Union countries states such as Greece who be Bad risks and bad debtors and defaulted Time and time again. The Old Acronym, be P.I.G. For Portugal, Italy, and Greece. these countries had lassaiz faire social programs for their 'needy' and went into dept rapidly. They had their hand out first to countries similar to Germany and Great Britain. Note theses are all Mediterranean countries. Now citizens resembling you are paying for it. Source(s):… You have to understand 'Money', our affairs of state let our 'royal' mint go private, it is a corporation and we enjoy to pay for every note they bring in, so a lb may cost us lb + 10 pence, or whatever they say, it's indistinguishable in America with their Federal Reserve, they control the bank, the banks can lend out nine times what is in their hill, that's how we have 'A run on the Bank' this happens when a great deal of people try and take dosh out of the bank at the same time, the dune does almost all it's dealings next to signing papers, or through phone or Computer, so real cash mostly remain contained by their bank, when some very voluminous banks make mistakes and run over, they can't gain money from the mint as they can't cover the cost, so they have to be bailed out or go bust.

Hope this help.
It's a complicated question.... but I'll own a go. In my humble opinion I surmise it's mainly owed to the IMF, foreign banks, personal debt = around 30K for respectively person on average due to banks over-lending. Government overspend due to far too oodles non-jobs being created, far too many frail people drawing pensions (that they are in fact entitled to), far too many benefits claimants (that they are actually entitled to)..... Basically, too much requests to be paid out, and not enough excise is going in.
oooh- moral question.
i think its mostly the IMF and the mound of england- the latter was responsible for doing all the fiscal easing when the bank went belly up.

we did last year finally muddle through to pay off our second world time of war debt to the USA, which is one of those weird debts everyone forgets about.
Whoever bought our Bonds and Gilts we sell from time to time. They are basically someone or some income fund etc, that lend us the money at an agreed interest rate over a set period, 5 - 10 years I believe are the common language.

At the end of the term we own to pay them back. Without the cuts our credit rating would hold dropped and the interest we would have to pay, the abandon, would have started to climb. Don't blame the Tories for making cuts, Darling stated that if Labour were reelected "their cuts would be deeper than Thatchers"
"The biggest owners of gilts are insurance companies and allowance funds." Source(s):… The UK is in debt to those who purchase her debt - the debt is rarely repaid instead re-scheduled or turned over. Most is owed to other government and financial intermediaries.
To the rest of the world! The cuts are going to be mammoth, but, in the end, we shall adjectives have learned how to live in our means! It is sad to ruminate that we have all get to witness young people losing their job, my heart goes out to them, it really does. good luck xx

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