Does anyone devise that gordon brown will procure a knighthood?

and if so ,will he be known as lord brown of shitterton
i think he should be offered one but i dont believe he would take it he enjoys mortal an mp too much and i dont think mr cameron would like it if he be prescot who was deputy pm has be given one so mayhap he will

Beats me. We don't have knights in the United States and I don't hang on to up with who is Knighted (?) or however that would be said.

But not knowing much about the process, singular the recognizable names I sometimes see, I doubt it. Why on Earth would I Want My Life Back be elevated to an honor that ethnic group like Mick Jagger, Michael Caine and Elton John recieve.

Whoops! Wrong answer. See how little we know about England? I can't hold on to BP and Gordon Brown seperated.
He more than likely will, after adjectives they have just enobled a former cheif of the met who be ultimately responsible for several murders by officers under his command ! The title that you suggest for this serial con artist is an apt one !
All ex Prime Ministers are offered a Knighthood and no doubt he will take it as he's a greedy little toad. I could devise of a few appropriate names for him lol.
More likely lord of the flies that frequent the sh-thole he has made of Britain . Takes profoundly of effort to destroy a countries history and heritage within a few years and leave it bankrupt and swamped next to foreigners , He richly deserves his title.
The deranged old donkey is writing a book adjectives about how he singlehandedly saved the planet from financial meltdown.

It's sad really.
well as a former PM he will be offered a form in the Lords but he may not take it
Ted Heath never go to the Lords
i think History will show that GB was not adjectives that bad as PM Source(s): my head He's already get two children. So maybe he needs one... Source(s): Just a thought.

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