What point is in attendance on have an immigration panama if Cameron is conflict for Turkey to affiliate the EU.?

It seems a bit ridiculous for Cameron and the Tories to condemn Labour over immigration and then risk first performance the flood gates by pushing for Turkey to be allowed to join the EU.
A tiny corner of Turkey is included in the European continent. It is an Asian country next to a vast cultural difference from the rest of Europe, especially in regard to religion with anywhere between 90-98% of the population practicing the Muslim faith and following Sharia statute which has proved time and time again to cause distress and conflict between European and Middle Eastern groups trying to intermingle their cultures side by side. There is no better example than the recent interdiction of the veil in several European countries which has cause a lot of grief for Muslim women.
If the EU citizens were asked their inference on this and voted yes or no I am willing to bet that a clear majority would *not* want Turkey in the EU. The politicians don't listen to us though, they haven't listen for quite some time.

The way I see it, what Cameron wishes is a political and economic alliance with Turkey who he see's as the bridge between Europe and the Middle East who are doing comparatively well economically and he hopes by gaining wish with Turkey by supporting their entry into the EU (which is also backed by America apparently, who you know Cameron have been trying to buddy himself up with recently) he will automatically gain the approval of other Middle Eastern countries, hopefully encouraging trade between the Middle East and Europe (read UK)

He's pointedly over-looking the European law that permit citizens to move easily between EU countries for work and residence. His anti-immigration policy will parsimonious nothing if the EU laws overwrite it. I'm sure he'll shift through with his promise about implement immigration laws and controls, but I'm also sure that he will exploit that law and find every loop hole possible. This is only one example where his own immigration policies will be made redundant. Cameron is *not* thinking about the cultural impact and overall dissatisfaction this declaration will cause to the EU residents (especially the UK which is an immigration hotspot) he is thinking money. How can we cash within on the Middle Eastern trade and kick-start the economy. We'll use Turkey as the middle man.

I am praying that Sarkozy will stand up to Cameron and go through near his original promise to veto Turkey's entry.
None what-so-ever, the bashing that Labour received from the Tories and the Lib-Dems about the deficit of a credible immigration policy was just a smoke eyeshade, just words no substance, as usual.

I'm no supporter of the BNP but while the loonies are in charge of the BNP the middle-of-the-road parties will do whatever they similar to to guarantee a constant and plentiful supply of cheap labour from anywhere they dam-well-choose and sod-off anybody who disagrees.

We're our own worst enemy surrounded by this country, in many ways this country reminds of the ancient Greeks they played second squirm to the Romans like this country plays second fiddle to the USA, and close to the Romans and the Greeks this country is addicted to cheap foreign labour.
Turkey has got a pretty dutiful economy so I reckon they would be an asset - more so than the Eastern European countries - watch out for an influx of Moldovians! The Turkish do come across to have a work ethic and don't appear (only in my fixed view) to be benefit tourists. That may be a sweeping generalisation but it is only my viewpoint.
Turkey want in the EU and the British (ever the empire builders) want to expand it as far as possible. Anyway, why stop at Turkey? Why not invite Israel to come on surrounded by? Could happen, cannot think of a single plea why not. I mean, they're in the Euro-Song contest thingy.

Just a concern of time really.
Because he is a hypocritical tory boy. Another one of his points within the general election be to get more police on the streets, nonetheless it sounds like he is going to make plentifully redundant. Standard Conservatives.
what make turkey looks like a middleeastern country is the kurdish people within country.thats also make europeans biased againist turkey.but turkey is not burden for eu anymore upside its an asset.in optional extra they quit pushin to join to the community cos they dont need an eu beside financial turmoils.
This isn't the government I voted for and what i've see of their immigration policies, never will again.
Vote for the United Kingdom Independence Party

Nigel Farage for Prime Minister! Source(s): Everyone slagged past its sell-by date Churchill in the 30's, but when it came to crunch time - they get him in charge sharpish!
Now in 2010 let's take Farage running Britain before it's too late to gather it. Oh, come on!!

Surely you **know** why the cap on immigration was brought within? It was pre-election posturing that was aimed (& seemingly succeeded) to nouns good to the Daily Mail readership!
turkey is a muslim country, are the tories trying to accelerate the influx of muslims into great britain? that WILL have disasterous consequences and this must enjoy been thought out and discussed by them - are they really that out of touch that they dont realise what islam is trying to do? all that will develop is further cuoltural problems will be brought to this country - suddenly well have more kurdish death and islamic style executions amongst their community and perhaps out with - nearby will also be a larger influx of drugs, look at north london - the drugs are controlled by the turks

this is typical of the tories though - they are and remain so out of touch with the real world - another see by october, no confidence in this government
all they wanted be your vote,nothing has changed and you adjectives fell for it, time to vote BNP

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