Do you meditate the Taliban are recovering?

Im talking about the increased anger in the Afghanistan which is resulting in the inopportune rise of NATO casualties?

Do you think the Taliban are getting better? Do you also infer war is like Call of Duty winter sport, the more often you play you start getting better at it?

I imply Russia not only lost the war within that hell hole but its empire started to collapse?

So what do you think is happening? Do you muse China or Russia are helping them this time around?
Personally I do not think they are improving. It's a shame that for some reason I think it be Pakistan are backing the Taliban on this one which seems ridiculous. But I do deliberate UK troops are doing well and hopefully will be out of that hell hole. Source(s): Thoughts. The word is desperate they are losing faster than they can recruit . presently having to stoop to using women and children as suicide bombers . Face it would you like running into a meat grinder after so various already have .
The Taliban are not getting better as such, but they are getting wiser as to what and how the targets they choose to attack as they spawn sure that the battles that they choose to fight NATO will end in more and more civilian casualties.

The Taliban may not be winning the battle on the ground but you can bet your final penny they are winning it in the heart and minds of the Afghanistan people
The Taliban are not necessarily getting better its just that they are recuperating weapons for example the Taliban loot the dead soldiers for military capability and ammo so they are getting a little better weapons. The Russians singular lost in the war at hand because the Americans gave the Afghans lots of weapons to drive the Russians out, and presently its harder to beat the Taliban because they still have seriously of the Americans weapons. It is very concrete to deal with the Taliban because nearly adjectives of them are dressed and look like civilians and unfortunately we can't shift round killing SUSPECTED terrorist. The taliban use anyone to try and kill British and American soldiers but for every 1 Brit or American soldier that dies greatly more Taliban die but the Taliban even use children as young as 10 to be suicide bombers.

Also if you look at the casualties it is mainly the USA explicitly suffering the most casualties because of the fact they do not train there armies as much as the British it is a reality that the british army has the hardest training out of any other army on the planet

It is extremely doubtful China is helping them because if they did that China would lose trade with Britain and Britain is China's leading trading partner. And war is nothing similar to it is on video games it is true on video games you get better because you know what going to happen you die and step on restart but in reality you never know whats going to come up and if you die there is no restart you gone for good and ancestors dieing in real go is very different from people dying on a winter sport.
No they aren't on the road to recovery. They are fuckin cowards, and are resorting to guerilla tactics I.E. planting IED's because they know they can't beat NATO forces surrounded by a fire-fight. They will use any means necessary to obtain the upper hand... they'll open fire on NATO troops aft the cover of civilians knowing damn well NATO forces won't fire back, not only because they're professional but because they're decent human beings.
The arms flow is Russia to Iran to Pakistan to the Taliban. Pakistan also buys weapons from China and those arms flow to the Taliban.

The Taliban are coming from Pakistan and are not on the road to recovery. The Taliban are able to kill more troops because the troops are moving contained by on the Taliban's hideouts while not being allowed to use artillery or air cover.
they've had to adjust their tactics to explosive devices because they are running out of soldiers, what does that tell you? these leak documents testify to their losses.
They are not getting better - instead we have increased the pressure on them. The increased number of casualties on our side is the result of more operation - and more aggressive operation.

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