How long do you keep on for a speeding ticket.?

courtesy discern within a month.
Depends how fast you were going, but usually a business of days rather than weeks.

Shame really, because the Coalition government are going to emergency that councils right across the UK pull down their cash making scam cams and return our out of town crucial roads to the motorists who on the whole do not break the law by hitting 80 on a verbs open stretch with scarcely anyone in sight.

Take a tip - if you resembling speed, find yourself a nice long stretch of B-Road - no possibility of speed cams, but there might be a flock of sheep just around that subsequent bend - baaaaa.
14 days is usual
Depends. About four and half minutes if they decide to contribute chase, although experience shows that this can be improved if you are willing to invest within a speedier car. But by post, give them a couple of months.
It's up to you, if you drive around breaking the limit all the time, you will probably carry one in a day or two.

If not only just spot a police car on the motorway going your way and go beyond it a 100+ mph, that should do it.
up to 6 weeks

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