2Oth of January 2013,why is this significant?

what happens or supposedly happens on this date?
It's the Inaugural Ceremony for the President of the United States - regardless of who is elected.
0bama gets his (a)ss kicked out.

edit: Conservative America desires to hold small government with the individual retaining as much power as possible. This includes self determination. Liberal America desire bigger and bigger system, equality of result and 'spreading of the wealth' (socialism). Conservative America closest resembles what made this country great. Not just independence from Great Britain, but nouns from government in common as much as possible.
Inauguration light of day for the president of the USA.
personally I am eagerly anticipating april 20th, 2013. And I intend 2 let your hair down with a big bowl of mother nature's finest pacific northwest green!


Obama will take the oath of organization again. Just boring stuff you know.
Prophets on Y/A will suggest that Obama will throw a coup de etat and make himself Dictator.

Beginning of Obama 2nd Term.
New Prez
Your mother kicks you out of the house because you turn 30 years old. Welcome to the genuine world pal!
Obama moves to a new house.
Its The End Of A Error

President Obama throws a big knees-up.
A collective sigh of nouns will be heard worldwide
Obama appears at his second inauguration ceremony?
...the political apocalypse will begin.
The next generation is born who own to grow up and have their own kids who they grow up and have their own kids and when those kids grow up, they'll start to income off the just the Chinese interest rates from the loans Bama get for trillions spent. That generation will ask....."Hey mom, whos Obama?" Well, he's the president that died of ol' age 50 years ago that spent all the money the country have.

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