Why hold individuals get so much to say-so give or take a few the BNP but..?

..have nothing to really read out about the current and previous government. The mess we are within now is just ludicrous beyond belief and in that people are spitting hate at the BNP and doing "nothing" going on for the people who have put us surrounded by this mess. As far as I am concerned I am more worried about the evil that is losing the number 10 door than Nick Griffin and the BNP.

At the moment BNP are no where near contained by power but the ones who are get no abuse why?? Are you adjectives mad, I just choice the way people consistency about the BNP could turn their attentions to our current situation at hand!!

Where did our ball go to? I think the French own them!!
because the evils losing number 10 are educated evils - they also have definite policies. the evil that is the BNP is openly racist (and claims not to be), uninformed, not exactly very bright and doesn't really have any existing policies.
the best entry the BNP party can do for Britain is to disband,go into self exile, next the other parties would have to share the burden of responsibility over immigration and its dangle ups,

It wouldnt at all surprise me that the BNP are privately funded and encouraged by some of the underground movements, to deflect any attention to their insurgency, the inevitability a whipping boy, and Nick G and his tiny band are an easy target
Labour be definitely there a moment ago to feather their own nests. Hattie Harperson is the ultimate example... ideal proof that the "party of the workers" isn't listening to the workers at adjectives.

Anyway... what you get from all the principal parties towards the BNP is just harm and not actually listening to the issues. It feel like slogan chanting a bit than actually engaging next to something so many British people grain strongly about. The way Nick Griffin be treated on BBC Question Time was just disgusting. There are so heaps BNP policies I disagree with - they are homophobic, socialist, and in fancy of the death penalty - but their plain point is right. I'd really like to see a BNP MP to be in the Commons asking the awkward question, and I like that they have a appendage on the London Assembly doing exactly that.

As it happens, this is why I totally respect Tony Benn. I utterly disagree with him on freshly about everything but it's good that he be there in the House of Commons for so long in actuality making people THINK.

Meanwhile, have hope. David Cameron is, as he mentioned Sir Peter Tapsell have said to him when he was making his speech of congratulation to the Speaker 2 months ago, a real throwback. He's not a reformer at adjectives - he's an aristocratic "one-nation Tory" of the kind we used to have running Britain within the 1950s, the kind Mrs Thatcher called "wets". We've other done well under that thoughtful of leader even if they ARE "toffs".
The kind of people who hold a lot to say give or take a few the BNP but not about the current government are not the right inhabitants to be talking to about politics.

i meditate voted for the BNP would be like voting for Francos Spain no thanks
It's a distraction.

The other parties see it as easy points. They build up the bogeyman and use him to startle people into continuing to vote for them on the threat that if they don't, things will be much worse.

They've given away our sovereignty, buried us under a mountain of debt, taken us into at tiniest one illegal war and open the doors to the dregs of the planet. How it could get much worse I fail to see.

Have a read through our policies, see if they're as unpromising as you've been led to believe.
I think Korky above have Nick Griffin and the British national party summed up completely.....But as for the British themselves, after watching them for the last few years, I one-sidedly agree with what Jack Straw said. The British are not worth saving. Best to only just leave them for Islam to finish off.....But you must confess that it is FASCINATING to see them cowering in complete denial as their own parliament is destroying their children's Future. An estimated 70 million Muslims are waiting to pour into Europe, and they are sitting there watching their own parliament support Turkeys entry, and the passing of their own country.....and JUST in case the British try to do anything more or less it, the home sec signed an EU agreement today that agrees to let armed EU police and EU special forces on to our streets......The whole world is yell ((( HE'S BEHIND YOU))) ha ha and the dumb(a)rsed British are going WHAT? It truly is turning into a bloody pantomime......and a really BAD one at that. How dumm are the British?

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