Do you construe that Tony Blair is the most honest and the best P.M since year1800 ?.?

He no problem holds the record for being the most slippery prime minister. Not heaps people can walk away from an accomplishment of genocide involving the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and little children, and whats more,walk away near honours and a pension. a pension provided by the terribly people who's country he wrecked.....and who's names he slaughtered those innocents contained by.... Shows what a SIC dictatorship the European union really is, that it has the power to protect a foul criminal of that caliber, while melodiously prosecuting a Bosnian leader for the "suspected" sanctioning of the death of ten thousand.......Hitler would have been so proud.
He is only surpassed by the current PM who so far has not kept a single promise made contained by his manifesto. The best PM in my lifetime has be James Callaghan who took over from Harold Wilson. He was well like by everyone, even the Tory PM Edward Heath. Despite being the Labour Leader during the Winter of Discontent, he never lost his personal appeal as far as the general public be concerned. His party and his policies may have be loathed by a lot of people, but his person won people over despite all that. There is no politician today who could command such great respect. Tony Blair will dance down in history as a dictatorial liar, second with the sole purpose to Thatcher who was just a dictator full stop.

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Tony B. Liar was one of the worst PMs we've ever had.
I would laugh but my throat has purely gone dry and numb, best PM are you serious. Honest he wasn't, lied about WMD, lied to electorate, in the order of Education, failed, lied about Hospitals, Failed, lied nearly his party, that they all get along well. Well Mandelson put a stop to that nonsense. No logically not.

Disraeli, Churchill, Pitt the Younger, forget Blair he is a nobody who has done great harm to Britain.

The solely ones who like him are the Americans, who didn't have him as mastermind
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And your subsequent joke? Source(s): A former Party activist. And I'm the Queen of England and the Holy Roman Empire.
Absolutely not, I think he's one of the most dishonest politicians we've ever had, on 3 accounts alone that I can regard as of:

1.The mysterious death of Doctor David Kelly that happened on Blair's examine?
2. The sexing up of intelligence documents prior to the invasion of Iraq?
3. Conning the British public into 2 wars on false allegations of the 'so-called' enemy.

He be however an expert at smoke and mirrors together with his mate Mandelsen - the Prince of Darkness, and was the biggest deceiving Prime Minister that I can remember.
He is so far down the inventory as to be out of sight, No politician is honest but Blair took dishonesty to a new rank. and to make make matter worse stepped down to allow a monster into his place that we will be paying for for generations to come . Self sacrifice is what makes a indisputable Prime Minister to knowingly step down knowing he was letting such an incompetent mentally poorly idiot to take over he Must bear most of the responsibility for what ensue.
I see you own been living in cloud cuckoo park along side 99% of the labour government. I would not trust Tony Blair to put up for sale a box of matches without pocketing the proceeds.
No , and despite the obligatory Pavlovian ,anti-war chorus, whenever his name is mentioned , he be not particularly dishonest either.

His biggest scorn was that,as prime minister, he proved to be an incompetent "manager" . Virtually every department of state within his system failed us. His governments any ignored problems --immigration, law and establish , armed services, power generation,manufacturing industry etc etc.--or made wrong decision about the rest --education , health, establishment employment ,welfare and benefits etc. Their solution to these problems , being simply to throw money at them.

But the worst fault of adjectives, by far, was to allow Gordon Brown so much power as Chancellor ,and then ,subsequently, to allow him to succeed as Prime Minister.

I suspect the history books will identify the Blair -Brown time as the time when Britain finally slipped under the waves and into history --its boss and first officer having been the first to help yourself to to the lifeboats .
Only if you regard as being him be the standards of some of the African dictators. He was probably the worst liar beside only Brown taking poll position
Gladstone, Palmerstone, Salisbury were more honest. Disraeli was not honest and readily did things for votes and the stage; Churchill was not honest, both through necessity and through his wish to not to be made unpopular for unpopular decision (both premierships). Blair was no less honest than the typical senior command politician.
No. Disraeli be the best PM since 1800. Pitt the Younger was the most honest.
Tony Blair 's a period of war criminal who has blood on his hands and further more is the architect of the ruination of Great Britian.
yes. Source(s): he did a apt job and we were adjectives made better off with him

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