Why Muslim individuals are hugely repeatedly subjugated by an english youths within England even sometimes kill ?

I think the aske here is just trying to rile some feathers. thx for the 2 points.
This behaviour lone occurs in some areas surrounded by England..
But it is mostly because of racial hate!
The two groups of relations despise each other...
We will never know why
It may be because of drugs, money etc.
But my opinion is that the medium influence these groups of people and make them loathe on each other, hence they start to become violent next to one another
Muslims are more often kill and beaten by other muslims than by English youth. You don't see anybody videotaping themselves adjectives off heads within London or Manchester, do you?
Most probable because of propaganda that is around in communication, movies, etc.

Also, maybe because of strong nationalistic movements that youths have within Europe.

Besides, sadly, most of terrorism comes from Muslim states.
sources PLEASE !

or is this just some volatile statement you plucked out of mid air??
Go f**k your stereotypes
If you were a real American (and judge by your sentence structure, I doubt you are), you would know that the "Usa" in your screen baptize is actually spelled in adjectives caps by Americans, i.e.: USA

But to answer your question as simply as possible: if masses Muslims in the UK tried to be more English and inclusive, instead of trying to be separate, then the English hooligans might be smaller amount inclined to cause problems.

If Muslims in the UK stopped protesting when Soldiers come home, and calling the troops vile name, then English hooligans might be less inclined to wreak porblems.

If Mulims in the UK stopped demanding to have special treatment, close to living under Sharia law, after English hooligans might be less inclined to cause probelms.

I could budge on and on, but how about Muslims in the Uk self part of the solution, instead of part of the problem?
Doesn't stop them coming here contained by their droves!
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I think not.
This happens within every country. USA, UK, Germany.... you name it and racial abhor is there

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