Is it right Turkey become an EU beneficiary?

David Cameron, is supporting the case for Turkey to join the EU, is this nonetheless another straegic move to locate missile sites?
Not yet, read here to find out why.. Source(s):… OH No No No its not within Europe and has alien culture to Europe . Does that mean thousamds of Turks can move here to UK if they will ? We don't want them do we ??
This is really antiquated news.

Turkey has be in th process of accession to the EU since 2004.…
I am open minded on it.

The advantages are that it does act as a bridge to the Muslim world and shows the Middle East that they can work towards a simply democracy and be rewarded for it.

The downside is that immigration from there will be easier. Do not get me wrong, I do not scare the hordes of Muslims coming over to take over our nation like the BNP claim, but immigration from Eastern European nation within the EU has cause loads of strife already. Muslim immigrants from Turkey will do the same, not through any goings-on on their part, but due to prejudice on the part of oodles, and also because of the jobs that they will take. Source(s):… Don't you own to be a European nation to be part of the European Union? I'm pretty sure if you ask anyone they wouldn't consider Turks European. It pretty much stops at Greece.

Not to mention adding a country near a pretty crappy economy to the EU would just bring everyone lower.

Join us in the real world whenever you consistency able.

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