How long are British infantry soldiers tours within afghanistan at the moment?

i'm considering going in the army but want a idea how long i will be away for.
Usually 6 months.
But, deployments can extent from 4 to 8 months depending on your job; 6 months is standard for British Army infantry in Afghanistan.

Good luck

That is a hideous remark to make, I struggle to believe you're ex-forces. Anyone who's been surrounded by the military would know, nobody goes in for the money.

Well, you may enjoy served, but you enlisted for a challenge and to fetch the legacy of Britain. Fair enough the conditions are tricky, and your comment may have reflected some events during Operation Herrick, but specifically not how it is for every single service personnel.

Of course they take from you, you are a servant to Her Majesty as soon as you sign on the dotted line. You serve them, they furnish to you, there are many opportunity in the military; maybe you didn't use them to your power.

I don't know why you're even mentioning the money, the military is for experience and personal development, not just to spawn money.

Even if you think the Army dealt you a rotten paw and you didn't enjoy your time, no need to discourage someone who is going to enrol.

And for your information I'm a Navy all arms commando, attached with 3 Commando Brigade as a medical assistant. Spend 6 months surrounded by Laskah Gah. Source(s): I'm in the military Too long with crap compensate and a chance you come back next to no limbs and have to dawdle for you compo pay out.

Don't bother mate!

Smith34 the remark isn't terrible the remark its true, what are you? logistics? RAF? royal auxiliary woman's balloon corp hahaha.........?

I served from contained by the Devon and Dorsets(northern ireland2003-2004,Iraq2006) to start off with(infantry) then our regiment be amalganated to become the devon and dorset light infantry and finaly 1 rifles(afghan)

My remark sums up exactly what the army is like. They rob what they can from you, send you around the world on crap pay and when you depart from they drop you like a stone and things are only a moment ago starting to change

the recruiters make it out to be adjectives fun and games and adventure training and you actually wrapping up up being treated like a mug by a bunch of mugs for most of your army profession.

There are good points to the Army and ive made some great mates i will never forget but when your 27 and your knees are fucked and your put money on hurts every morning was it really worth the 1.5k a month......NO!

The reason i put it accross within the way i do is because on yahool answers you get one side of the story usually when it comes to Questions on conditions in the army and the reason i mention salary is because when you leave the army and get your resetlement explicitly normally it, you are left to fracas for yourself in a unfamiliar enviroment which you havent be part of for many years. You catch no advice on saving money and this should be drummed into respectively soldier but it just does not happen and most soldiers depart with there compensate off and no savings at adjectives

Soldiers either serving, potential or in training should be made fully aware of what they are getting themselves into

Id also resembling to say that my comments come from the infantry side of the Army which is in heaps cases very very different than any other piece of the rBitish army

If your attached to 3 brigade you would also be aware that 1 rifles are the LRIB within the brigade?

with regard to AL G there will always brainless yes men spotters Source(s): Ex 1 rifles Normal British Army effective tours are 6 months with some exceptions such as Northern Ireland where you could do 2 years.

As for johnny28, near will always be bitter and twisted people. Source(s): Ex R.E. Bomb Disposal. 2 tours N.I. Bosnia, Kuwait 1991, 2 tours of the Falklands and Iraq 2004/5/6/7
Loved it! 6-12 months
as far as I know it is 6 months - but some are longer

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