Is lying just about your age to receive cheaper cinema tickets off the record?

like saying you are 16 when you are 19? so that you won't hold to pay the full adult fare for the cinema...................? if they do find out what's the worst that could take place?
yes it's fraud and shows a nouns of integrity; whether others do it or not, don't go there. Once have a record for fraud, you'll find difficulties for a life time plus who will trust you afterwards?
If you lie within a sworn affidavit, provide false information to the police, file a police report that is fraudulent, commit perjury surrounded by a court proceeding, omit information that is fraudulent contained by nature (i.e. failing to disclose material defect in a house that you are selling or lying on medical questionaires about your strength to obtain an insurance policy), those are all offenses that are punishable by directive. As for lying in a movie theatre.. yes it is fraud. The worst they can do is see you out, cops have better things to do then bust culture lying about their age in movie theatres.
the worst that will happen is you'll have to settle full price if they find out you're lying

no big deal
i would say yes, but everyone does it tbh, if you get found out the terribly worst that could happen is probably a warning/fine, otherwise its nothing, you're not gonna serve time for getting the cinema out of a couple of pounds/dollars
"If a soul misrepresents any fact or reasonably held belief to another next to the intent of gaining for themselves or another, or does gain for themselves or another, that person commits an offence"

The misdeed is fraud by misrepresentation under the fraud act 2006 and ammended by the serious and organised crime accomplishment 2007.

Basically yes it's illegal. Source(s): 6 years law enforcement Yeah, it probably is.
But what are they going to do? Throw everyone contained by jail?

I guess it's not something you should be proud of doing.
But stuff it. Everyone does it.
Heaps of people falsified their age for website access, or paying less at buffets.
Heaps as in similar to..a billion people each afternoon.

Not even being sarcastic. So don't discern bad about it.

Wait...that didn't nouns right O.O I guess you should feel bad in the order of...just know that all these other individuals do it anyways so... :)

Yes it's fraud

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